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a few days ago i posted asking feedback on what everyone thought of me dissalowing elves in my campaign. i thought of a way around it and i'm allowing them. i've got the intro to my game written and i'd like some feedback. take a read and let me know what you think, and throw some ideas for adventures at me.

what everyone knows:

You live on a piece of land called the Island. As far as you know
that's the only name for it, and the only name it's ever had. The
Island is a crescent of land 50 miles from tip to tip that floats in a
sea of air. Anything or anyone that falls off the edge falls out of
sight and is never seen again. Legend says the Island was once
part of a larger world, that there was a cataclysm that broke the
world and that all that's left is he Island.

Most of the humans on the Island live in the City, the only city on
the Island. The City is surrounded by the Wall, and outside the Wall
is the part of the Island known as the Farmlands, where most of the
halflings reside. Below the City is the deep underground home of the
dwarves known as the Burrow. Out past the city, past the boundary of
the Farmlands, is the Grove, the great forest where the elves live.
And past the Grove, are the Wildlands, where the untamed tribes of
goblins, orcs, and other more dangerous creatures fight each other for
survival. Deep in the Wildlands lies the Mountain, where many dwarves
go to work the Mines.

While most of the people of the island keep to their own, travel is
not uncommon, especially among the gnomes who are at home anywhere,
and often act as emissaries and merchants between the humans in the
City, the Dwarves of the Burrow and Mountain, the halflings of the
Farmlands and the elves of the Grove. Every faction of people on the
island lends volunteers to the Militia. The Militia is charged with
protecting the border of the Wildlands, and the road to the Mountain.

The sky is almost always covered with clouds. Night and day are
distinguished only by the presence or abscence of light behind the
clouds. Sometimes when the clouds break stars, the sun or moon are
visible behind the clouds, but these breaks in the clouds are so rare
that they are often considered a sign from the gods.

Your player character is a member of the militia. How he or she ended
up there is up to you. Every community is held responsible for
supplying volunteers to the Militia. Some are drafted, some are paid
to take another's place, some volunteer out of a sense of civic
responsibility, some convicted of minor crimes are sentenced to a term
of service, some volunteer to pay off a debt. Whatever the reason, you
are a member, and you are all in the same squad.

eventually i'll have the players hopping from island to island, and the first adventure will involve them finding a way off the island they're on. eventually there will be several ways to travel form island to island including riding flying creatures, spells, and flying ships. my favorite that i've decided upon is through the ethereal plane. in the ethereal plane the world is still whole, so if they go ethereal and walk from one area to another that are broken apart in the material plane but connected in the ether, then move back to the material plane, they will be on the other island. anyway, what do you think? any ideas for adventures?

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