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'ello ... My name is Jay or Cash or JC or Jeremy or whatever you wanna call me ... I am kind of a new member. I recently just re-joined, but I had been a rather active member last year under another username. I've been playing off and on for just about a year and have done a few different campaigns under four different DMs and the creativity boiling up inside me has just boiled over and I've decided to take on DMing since our current DM wants to play a character (a class which we've been working on for a bit).

So, I guess what I wanted to know was how did any of you DMs get started in DMing? And what are some specifics of your DMing technique you find helpful? I am working on a huge campaign setting and such for my guys because we've only done campaigns that we get to the 5th or 6th level at the highest with our characters without much story interest ... it's usually just hack and slash then quitting, so I'm wanting to make this a very enveloping story, which I can do. It's just the mechanics and tricks of DMing that I'm afraid will elude me. I'm the kind of person who likes to be doubly prepared, so any info that I can get or advise you can give will be awesome. This is a 3E campaign, by the way ... I've pretty much shunned 3.5 because I don't feel like shelling out $30 more bucks a book just to get a few different features. We're lucky our guys have PHs.

I have pretty much all the official Wizards of the Coast books (core rulebooks and supplements) and several other popular third-party supplements at my disposal, so anything you wanna point out would be awesome.

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