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Hello everybody, my name is Paul.

Currently, I am DMing a "solo campaign" with my friend Navied as the only PC. Any tips to make this more interesting/more appropriate for one player? It is a little bit different from a normal campaign, and a little harder to DM, because I have to take care of 12 other NPCs in Navied's party. But its really fun, he is really enjoying it and the freedom he has. I'm having fun doing it too, its a good way to get some experience DMing because you don't have a load of PCs to complain or anything at you. Don't get me wrong, I like DMing bigger campaigns as well, but this one is a new experience, and its fun so far.

I'm also playing a PC in another campaign at a local cards & games shop. There I am playing a psion, seer discipline. Its very interesting, being able to glimpse into the future, considering our party in that one is stuck in the middle of a barren, icy tundra, somewhat lost. That campaign isn't the greatest, one because there's 9 PCs and one DM (which seems to be quite alot to me, but I may jus be inexperienced), and two because about 7 of the 9 PCs (me, another guy, and the DM stay at the shop) leave at the first break to go get stoned, and come back. I'm not knocking them becuase they get stoned, but sometimes their altered state of mind slows down the pace of the game quite a bit. I would say something, but they are all alot older than me and woud probably just disregard it. I can deal with it, I'll usually just laugh at whatever they are totally cracking up over then just kinda continue on with the DM while their sides are splitting. Its quite entertaining sometimes, but its just mostly annoying. I try not to let it get to me, and still enjoy it and have fun.

Allright, enough rambling. Have a good morning/afternoon/evening!
-Paul P.

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