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I'm trying to design a campaign based around conflict within the faerie courts, including the Seelie, the Unseelie and the Goblin courts. I'm trying to combine some ideas from a recent Dragonshards article about Dakaani goblinoids as well as goblins in movies like Legend and Labyrinth. My question is how or should I alter the goblins in order to make this fit? I could perhaps give them a smattering of spell-like abilities and DR 5/cold iron, or maybe even Regeneration 2/cold iron for flavor, or maybe they don't need fixing at all and I can just give their society a different color. And if I did change them, how would that alter things like CR and LA?

Also, does anybody know a good source for Fey? The MM has sprites and dryads and nymphs and satyrs, but it doesn't seem like that standard royal faerie type, any suggestions?

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