gernboken (gernboken) wrote in dnd3e,

way off topic, sue me, delete me, whatever.

i have free gmail invites.

the people in poor_skills are sick of me posting my invites in there

the mod of gmail_invites is a nazi who seems to think my "i have six invites who wants one?" post was innapropriate for the community. (???)

so i have 6 gmail invites. i've been getting about 6 a day for the past three or four days so i'll probably get more. if you want a gmail account email me at gernboken at gmail dot com.

if you don't know what gmail is go here:

if you're the mod and you think this is way off topic go a head and delete the post, it will be more understandable than what the nazi in the gmail invite community did.

just to keep this semi-on topic:
i love dnd. woot! it rocks. wish i could find a group of players willing to play one night a week who didn't all hate each other. sob sob whine whine.

anyway gmail invites. yay.

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