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D&D 3E
9th-Aug-2004 04:43 pm
I'm currently playing in an Eberron campaign as a shifter monk. My question is how would a monk's unarmed attack damage interact with a shifter with the razorclaw trait? Would the damages stack? My character has the beasthide trait, but the question did come up. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
9th-Aug-2004 05:55 pm (UTC)
You'd probably get the favourable number of attacks though, and (assuming claws are slashing damage, 'cos I can't be bothered to check) you'd get them instead against something with a resistance against bludgeoning. Basically they'd overlap in the same way as spell resistance items/abilities.
10th-Aug-2004 05:36 am (UTC)
Technically, I believe natural attacks cannot be used with the unarmed attack bonus/rate, but I personally disagree with that. I think that weapons such as claws should be allowed. Then again, can you really bite someone 4 times in 6 seconds? It'd be interesting if not silly to see.

I could see something like "only one hit per natural attack" or something. So, if you have 3 unarmed attacks and 2 claws, the 3rd hit would be your normal unarmed damage (as if it were a foot, elbow, etc.) Yeah, it is a hack solution and somewhat annoying, but I'll toss it out there anyway.
10th-Aug-2004 07:27 am (UTC)
I'd not thought of bites I have to admit.
I think the way I'd end up calling it, I'd say certain natural attacks counted as monk weapons and others didn't; possibly not fair, but...
13th-Aug-2004 04:57 pm (UTC)
Just saying that's an awesome black dragon, what's that from?
14th-Aug-2004 08:31 am (UTC)
The dragon is from one of my favorite artists, Jason Engle.

Same with the "ulatra", used here. He is an awesome artist. I bought a few of his works at GenCon last year. I should ask him what his policy is about people using things like that. I only use it for LJ. Great, thanks for making me feel guilty! ;) Now I have to go write him.
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