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My Eberron Campaign

The Eberron Campaign

The group consists of:
Raelden human the Mage Blade (Steve)
Raelden bears the dragonmark of passage. He has been hired to deliver a book to Bonal Geldem, a scholar from Morgrave University.

Ny the changeling Rogue (Christine)
Posing as the elf Sayla, Ny plays the role of Raelden's long time friend and companion. Here true motives are a mystery.

Valen the human Druid (Dave)
Valen has been asked my the Druids of the Eldeen Reaches to investigate a group of orcs from the Blood Hatchet tribe who have come out of the Demon Lands. The orcs were last seen in Sharn, the city of Towers.

Kaala the shifter Ranger (Laura)
Kaala is Valen's friend and is also tasked with investigating why the Blood Hatchet orcs have left their tribal lands.

Zephyr the air mephling Bard (Me)
A visitor from the outer plane of Lamannia, Zephyr seeks adventure and excitement, heedless of the risks.

Soaral the avoral guardinal (Jen)
Another visitor from Lamannia, Soaral has become separated from her friend Zephyr. She is a stranger in a strange land, confused by what she sees.

Kreldore the dwarf Wizard (Me)
Kreldore is the world's toughest mage. With 15 hit points at 1st level, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He has been following rumors of a half-orc seeking to sell a diamond as large as an ogre's fist. Kreldore suspects the diamond is in fact a dragonshard.

Kayla the human Swashbuckler (Christine)
A veteran of the Last War. Kayla has been hired to accompany Kreldore.

A Death in the High Towers</a>
Raelden and Ny have some time to kill before they have to meet Bonal and are wandering Sharn when they run across Valen and Kaala. During the Last War Raelden worked as a messenger for House Orien, and often delivered supplies to Valen's tribe. Surprised at seeing his old friend he invites Valen and Kaala to a local tavern for a few drinks.
At the Broken Anvil Tavern they encounter a strange little bard named Zephyr who is playing his flute and dancing for drinks. Soon the party is well into its cups, with singing and dancing. Suddenly Raelden remembers his appointment with Bonal and rushes out of the tavern, late for his meeting. Ny, Valen and Kaala leave with him, and a curious Zephyr decides to tag along.
They arrive at the rendezvous point, a skybridge near the top of Kelsa spire, too late to save Bonal from a warforged assassin. Out heroes engage the assassin, sending the warforged over the railings of the skybridge, to plummet to its doom.
Moments later the city watch arrives and promptly arrests everyone.
After a few hours the party is released at the behest of Lady Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith. They learn that Bonal was researching the location of an ancient Cannith schema, part of an arcane tool used by the artificers of old to create unusual items. The final clue to the schema’s location lies in the book the Raelden was hired to deliver.
The group agrees to recover the schema for Elaydren and sets off to find the entrance to Dorasharn, deep below Sharn’s undercity.
They travel to the Rat’s Market in the undercity, looking for an entrance into Dorasharn. There a goblin vendor sold them a lot of useless trinkets but showed them a round about way into Dorasharn. All would have been well, but a misunderstanding between Zephyr and, well, all of the goblins in the undercity led to a mad chase through the Sharn sewers.

The Forgotten Forge
(Steve was unable to attend the game)
As the party is pursued through the sewers, Raelden becomes separated from the rest of the party.
Even without Raelden to guide them, Ny, Valen, Kaala, and Zephyr continue their search for Dorasharn.
Scouting ahead, Ny is able to foil an ambush set for them by a warforged and two shifters. After a short but decisive fight, the party located the entrance to Dorasharn.
No sooner do they find the ruins then they are attacked by a swarm of flesh eating beetles. They flee, but are attacked by a pair of deadly horrid rats. The horrid rats prove to be too tough for the party, so they lure the rats into the path of the swarming beetles. The beetles make short work of the horrid rats while the party made a hasty exit.
Making camp in the ruins of an old chapel the party tended their wounds and recovered spells before continuing on their quest.
They found the ruins of the old Cannith forge where they believed the schema to be and began to search for an entrance. The only entrance they could find was a large hole in the roof of the ancient structure. Zephyr, who can fly, was first to the top, followed closely by Kaala.
Impatient waiting for the rest of the party, Kaala hops down into the ruins alone. She is attack by the guardians of the forge, a pair of Iron Defenders. Rushing to her rescue Valen tackled one of the beasts, only to be eviscerated by it a moment later.
The party proves to be no match for the iron defenders and soon everyone but Zephyr lies unconscious, slowly bleeding to death. Just as all seems lost, Blade, a mysterious Warforged arrives and makes quick work of the guardians. However, their savior soon reveals himself to be their enemy. It was he who sent the assassin to kill Bonal, and he who arranged the ambush in the sewers. Saber serves The Lord of Blades, and he wants the schema!
The game ends as Saber approaches the helpless party intent on doing them ill.

The Queen with Burning Eyes
(Dave and Laura were unable to attend the game.)
As our heroes await their fate at the hands of Saber, we take a moment to go back and find out what has happened to Raelden. Separated from the rest of the party and pursued by a mob of goblins, Raelden is ambushed by slavers!
Captured, he is sold to members of the Cult of the Dragon Below! There he meets Kayla, Kreldore, and Soaral, who are also prisoners and also set to be sacrificed to “The Queen with Burning Eyes”. However, before they can be sacrificed, Kreldore manages to cast mage hand and lift a set of keys to Kayla. Kayla frees Raelden, Kreldore and Soaral and a fierce battle ensues. The party defeats the cultists, but must now first battle past a choker and then 3 ghouls. They make their way past these threats and are in sight of the exit when they are attacked by goblins and ambushed by grimlocks!
The battle is fierce and in the end only Soaral and a lone grimlock remain standing. With only 1 hp left, Soaral strikes a critical blow and fells the final grimlock. Soaral revives Kayla and Raelden, but Kreldore is beyond help. They pause, saying a few words over their fallen comrade, then loot his body.
Now free from the cult, Raelden returns to the Broken Anvil, expecting to find Ny, Valen, and Kaala waiting for him, only to learn they have not yet returned from Dorasharn. Raelden asks his new friends to help him mount a rescue mission.

The Return to Dorasharn!

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