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dungeons & derringers... (x-posted)

so i'm thinking of having a wild west themed D&D game but deadlands isn't doing it for me. its not what i want. i want... basically...

i think what i want to work on is the type of fantasy world that would come about if your typical fantasy type world, dragons, wizards, elves, magic swords, etc... went through the same sort of ages of innovation/exploration/industrial expansion/war that european culture went through. but i want it to have a distinctivly fantastic (or fantasy-ic) flair. a new wild, undiscovered frontier, full of highly desireable natural resources, and dangerous natives and creatures. i'd like to have analogs to the elements ot the typical western. tweaks on the nose of the traditional.

i need a reason and a method for the frontiersman to be there. and i should have analogs to the different nations that invade. i'm thinking different elven nations can represent spain and france, dwarves can represent the germans and the dutch, maybe the english. Humans and halflings... well they fit in just about anywhere. native tribes of orc, half-orcs, humans, maybe some wild elves or halflings.

i thought it might be cool to have roving packs of dinosaurs instead of buffalo. reminds me of some cartoon i saw once, i forget which.

i think instead of the typical shootout i'll combine the joust and its accompanying events into a formalized duel. the duelists can choose and agree to a series of weapons or each can choose their own. spells vs. six guns, or maybe limit to a school of magic... a shootout of abjuration vs. necromancy... hrm...

as for why they're there? real estate, expansion, gold, dinosaur hides...

and how they got there? a magic rift between worlds? interdimensional locomotoves?

i'm sort of rambling here and my ideas have not yet firmed up. but if you have any comments/suggestions i'd like to hear them.

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