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D&D 3E
I'm creating a new syndrome called "McMerkon's Syndrome". It causes… 
8th-Jun-2004 01:12 am
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I'm creating a new syndrome called "McMerkon's Syndrome". It causes random, peculiar but mostly harmless character traits to appear in a character. It's a highly role-play intensive syndrome. Here's the mechanics behind it and the traits I've come up with so far.

A new trait appears once every three days. Traits are cumulative and only appear in roleplay occasionally. The traits manifest and disappear in a matter of minutes. A character might experience the appearance of more than one trait at a time. It is recommended that a player list the traits the character currently contains and rolls to see how many and which one(s) appear every so often.

Most traits are taken from the minor trait table. Every fifth trait is taken from the major trait table.

Minor Traits
1. repeats a word for no reason
2. develops a random foreign accent
3. imagines that people are tinted odd colors
4. snaps his fingers once or twice per second
5. feels that the temperature around him has fallen 20 degrees
6. smiles constantly
7. raises the volume of his voice steadily
8. continuously has the taste of strawberry in his mouth, even when not eating or if he eats or drinks something else
9. sings the things he says instead of speaking
10. replaces the order of words while speaking
11. skips while walking
12. sees flashes of lightning far off in the distance

Major Traits
1. sees a random monster running loose before him
2. believes that many people around him have a random disease
3. acts as if his age has returned to a child’s age (human equivalent = 6)
4. acts as if his age has advanced many years (human equivalent = 85)
5. attempts to stand on his head whenever normally standing still
Any suggestions for other traits?

Avery W. Krouse
aka Averin S. Lanstone
7th-Jun-2004 10:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, these are awesome. I could see these traits used to rationalize a loaw Charisma score, yes?

I don't think these should all be part of one disease, but are all good ideas for multiple diseases.

Echolalia is a syndrome that sounds very similar to the first minor trait you have listed. Also, a character could repeat the last word spoken by another character in a conversation (i.e. "How are you today?" "Today." "Well, what do you think of the drink, is it alright?" "Alright." "Good." "Good, I'm glad." "Glad." et cetera)

Maybe he snaps his fingers because he always heard music. Good one for a bard who's off-kilter.

Maybe he thinks he's speaking when he really hasn't.

Maybe he has no internal thoughts, and ays all his surface thoughts out loud.

Just a few suggestions. Be careful with these, though, they can in some cases harm a serious campaign.
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