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D&D 3E
New Game 
30th-May-2004 05:40 am
Mood - Blue
Got an idea for a new game/system. I call it "birthright". If anyone is interested I have listed some details below. I would really really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Title: Birthright
Timeline: Post Apocolyptic World, rebuilt civilization.
Races: Human, Protean, and Ferral
Weaponry: All types

Background Story: 75 years after the Satellite Wars that left the planet a virtual wasteland, civilization has rebuilt itself strong. Our planet has undergone some major changes, such as currently there are only two continents left on earth. The world is also now 80% ocean, however the water is a mixture of salt-water, radioactive waste, and positively charged ionic residue. The climate too has changed and varies depending on which part of what continent you are on.

After the Satellite Wars ravaged the planet, people became infinitely more concerned with the planet and its status. These people are called the GaiaTouched, mainly humanoid, they are so in tune with nature that they can not only predict it's subtle changes, but affect and inflict them. Some changes include the weather, the surronding area, or the basic elemental compounds of the planet. Their self-proclaimed gifts are actually due to the high levels of radiation in the soil. The radiation from the planet has forced some species to evolve. One such are the Avariels, they are more Protean. They are highly evolved humans with a discernable feature, their enlarged foreheads. Their brains are 45% larger than that of the standard human and contrary to humans, they use almost 90% of their brain matter. Avariels first began to appear a few months after the Satellite Wars and are looked up to as Saviors by the GaiaTouched. They mainly draw on their psionic abilities.

The other new species that has evolved are the Kavor. The Kavor are Ferral and although beast like they are cunning, swift, and above all STRONG. The Kavor are slowly becoming more and more enslaved, mainly by the Avariel race which deems itself the highest lifeform. On the surface, Man, Avariel, and Kavor appear to be cohabitating, but the tension is growing and the world is once again on the brink of war.

Mechanics: Their are 8 elements that comprise Gaia - Fire, Ice, Water, Storm, Luna, Life, Time, and Force. Humans are equally in touch with all things Gaia and Avariels are the only race that gain access to a ninth element, psionic. Kavor have yet to develop a sensitivity to Gaia, but in return are faster and stronger than Humans and Avariels. Players can choose to ignore Gaia and it's effects or can develop a specialization in specific elements. Every element has a strength over another, and by specializing in a specific element you become more sensitive to all things affecting it. Therefore if you specialize in Fire, anything aligned with ice would get bonuses against you, being that fire is weak against ice, and so on and so forth.

For core stats, there are six attributes split by three categories - Health, Action, Mind. Humans start out with equal points in each category, Avariels have slightly more action and mind, but less health than humans, and Kavor have more Health and Action, but less mind than humans. For those of you who play SWG this isn't a complete and total rip, there is a point/number system that goes along with each attribute that affect other aspects of gameplay. Here is the rundown:
  • Health - This is the base number that will be used to determine your hit points (HP)
  • Strength - How much you can lift/push, bonuses to melee are determined by this
  • Constitution - How much you can endure, what bonuses you get to HP as well as possible damage reduction (DR)
  • Action - Affects your initiative, bonuses to ranged attacks
  • Quickness - How soon you react, affects your initiative, attacks of opportunity
  • Stamina - How long you can endure certain tasks, bonuses to survival
  • Mind - Affects basic intelligence, number of languages, how many psionic/Gaia Points (PP/GP) you get
  • Focus - The strength of your Gaia/Psionics is affected by your focus, also how many tasks you are able to handle at once.
  • Willpower - Your resistance against Gaia/Psionics is affected by your willpower

    Instead of having "classes" you have "archtypes". So far there are only 7 archtypes, but within each archtype, there are 20 skills that you can learn. The kicker is that each character has the possibility of learning a maximum of only 10 skills. You will still need to "level up" in order to learn more skills and get bonuses depending on your archtype, but you can also spend experience to enhance the current skills you have. Each skill can be enhanced a maximum of 5 times. So far there are a total 140 skills available, which can make for some very interesting combinations if characters would like to "multiclass". I think it's awesome because of the randomness factor and replayability.

    That's it for now, still working out lots of kinks while trying to create a storyboard that would fit 2 - 10 players. I would really really like to know what ANYONE thinks.
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    30th-May-2004 05:30 am (UTC)
    Sounds like an interesting idea for a background; keep us up to date with how playtesting goes.
    30th-May-2004 09:39 am (UTC)
    simple works well. and the class/skill system sounds good.

    might want to think of a name tho... TSR/WotC already had a game world/system called "Birthright"... it was basically a heriditary blood power based RPG.

    good concept tho.

    30th-May-2004 06:24 pm (UTC)
    Thanks! Hmmm... instead of using birthright I will try to come up with a different name that still suites the game setting. Anyone have any ideas?
    30th-May-2004 11:27 am (UTC)
    I like it!

    What made you want to make a whole new ruleset and not make it a D20 setting?
    30th-May-2004 06:22 pm (UTC)
    The reason for me not using entirely D20 and not using entirely White Wolf is because both have their strengths and weaknesses. With D20 I am noticing people not care about the social aspect of the game and just use numbers and math to power house characters. With this you can't just use a "standard template" and tweak it as you see fit.

    Not only that but the variances with the skills and the fact that you can spend XP to enhance them make it so that it is damn near impossible to duplicate a character. This way you won't wind up with a party of Meat Shields or Magic Users, every attribute is important and skills give synergy bonuses to other skills.
    30th-May-2004 08:19 pm (UTC)
    True, but you could impose penalties for not roleplaying and reward players for good roleplaying to help them create characters and not nameless blobs of death and doom and destruction and other words that begin with "d", like doily...the frilly kind.

    It is cool to make your own ruleset, but keep the learning curve simple.
    30th-May-2004 11:34 am (UTC)
    ...At a guess, you play Star Wars Galaxies, don't you?
    30th-May-2004 06:19 pm (UTC)
    Certainly do, but the concept is slightly different. SWG's system is much different with the factors that determine the HAM
    31st-May-2004 02:54 am (UTC)
    Certainly; I was just amused by the naming was all.

    Out of curiosity, what server(s)?
    31st-May-2004 05:49 pm (UTC)
    The main char that I play is on Corbantis - her name is Reine
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