Roger (pyromancyr) wrote in dnd3e,

Tavern Tales Game Day- Terre Haute, IN (x-posted all over the place)

well... it's official:

Tavern Tales is scheduelled for June 23 at Sonka Irish Pub and Cafe
in Terre Haute, IN

the scenarios reserved are:
Green Regent LGR-6: Epidemic
Living Greyhawk COR4-04: Red Tide

there are 4 tables reserved for this event, but I could add more if
there is enough interest, including adding an intro table for LG.
Details will be made available as soon as possible, including entry

if you are interested in attending, please contact me at


if you are interested in DMing let me know also

thanks much

Roger Aragon
Coordinator, Tavern Tales

p.s. please spread the word! New players are always welcome and if you're not part of the RPGA let me know and I can order reg forms (remember: Registration for the RPGA is FREE)

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