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The new d&d campaign started tonight.... first real campaign I've been in since this summer and it fucking rocked! Now I have something fun to do on Saturday nights that doesn't involve liquor or pot. (OK, it did involve liquor and pot, but it also involved geek-ness, so it was more cool!)

I'm playing a half-elven cleric of Corellon Larethian in a world where the gods are at war. What an awesome campaign setting for a cleric. and the gaming group couldn't be better... Although I'm the only cleric in a group of fighters and rogues...well, and one wizard... so I'll have my work cut out for me. It's definately a roleplay centered game too, which I love but it seemed slow to get used to at first. 6 hours of play and only one encounter that required combat. Still, it was good roleplay and looks like it will be a really involved storyline. and it's 3E... none of that annoying 2E I was forced to play this summer! The only slightly annoying thing was that the DM has never run a 3E game before, but he got the hang of it pretty quick (with the help of the 3 of us playing who knew how to run 3E games...) and I think by next session he'll have it all down.

yay! *bounces off to bed!*

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