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Half-drow Bard

It's been about 6 months since I got back into DnD (after a nearly 20-year lapse!) and this weekend I'll finally get to take off the DM hat and be a player again.

My character is a female half-Drow Bard (4th level). She has Two-Weapon Fighting and Weapon Finesse so she can hold her own in battle, while her spells focus on deception and trickery (ie: Disguise Self, Invisibility, Mage Hand) to complement her Bluff and Disguise skills. She's also an accomplished Performance Artist, which is how she supports herself when not adventuring.

We'll be playing in a slightly-modified Forgotten Realms Silver Marches campaign, presumably facing a lot of Orcs and Giants and doing a bit more hack-and-slash than role-playing.

Any advice, anecdotes or ideas about how to maximize her contribution to the party would be appreciated.

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