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D&D 3E
15th-Apr-2004 01:21 pm
been playing since 88 or so 1st edition red blue green(?) boxes..been a long time. Just reciently got back into playing after about a 2 year leave. Learning all the new 3.5 stuff. I had a very breif run with 3.0 when it 1st came out but havent had anyone to play with since then. Just saying hello since now that I'm gaming you'll probably see my ugly mug abouts.
Im playing with all newbies, or people who havent played since 1st edition. Im ALL about player enjoyment i spend allot of time making sure what they would like to play and making suggestions.Party so far includes

Githyanki Psion/will be an IllithidSlayer AL CN
Drow rougue/will be an assasin AL LE
Human rougue/ will be shadowdancer AL NE
1/2 Elf Druid AL CN
and my one char NPC of sorts. Now i know most of you dont agree with a DM being a PC as well, but ive been doing it for years and for me it works well, becuase of my on going story who my char has become the main focus of. so shes become a NPC of sorts as well. I let the players do most of the work, but her 2 cents goes in becuase she very relivent to the story 99% of the time.
Anyway. so most of my world is evil or CN. allot of unground races have risen up to control the upper world. SO my question for you guys is since im getting back into the swing of the game and teaching the players what's what, Im gaoing to use some modules. Anyone got any ideas for some that i could use in a highly evil world. most of the ones i look at are all goody goody. thats just not ganna work here. i could alter it what i find but i just dont feel like it. =)
also my one player is really intrested in the githyanki i dont know much about them so any good info out there? I havnt found too much online

15th-Apr-2004 11:01 am (UTC)
just change the motivation and most modules work just fine, I've found.
15th-Apr-2004 11:33 am (UTC)
I hope you'll balance the levels.... Githyanki and drow have level adjustments. Also, if these people have never gamed, or not gamed in a long time, is a party that's as close to evil as possible really the way you want to go? I know most people are, but you better be damn good to make a story that's compelling in that situation
15th-Apr-2004 12:01 pm (UTC)
yes i balanced the levels... and yes i am good. Story is always key. I always play for the players enjoyment and furthering the story. I played a game before with a whole city and party like this before and the players said it was the most fun they ever had. The players discribed what they wanted to act like, and like most people ive introduced to the game they want to be able to do whatever they want, from my exp CN,LE,CG,NE allow that. but that doesnt mean they are stupid. as im sure you know evil and crazy doesnt mean stupid. Ive made them aware that becuase of the world they are in the can get away with alot but that doesnt mean they there wont be effect from theyre actions. SO far they are just getting a grip on the game, there are barely playing with midevil personalities much less evil drow ect ones. as the game goes on I'll make sure they are aware and inforce it more.
15th-Apr-2004 01:53 pm (UTC)
Im not againsty haveing an NPC in the party, but it is just that... an NPC. The story should be no worse or suffer,. but an intrigal part of the PCs stories.
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