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D&D 3E
Well, I thought I'd try and start a discussion, since I went to all… 
23rd-Oct-2002 12:32 pm
abstract teacup
Well, I thought I'd try and start a discussion, since I went to all that effort to create the community. ;)

Actually, it's more a request for assistance. I'm currently in the process of designing a paladin, most probably an evil one (the idea is all in my head right now). Anyway, I was trying to think of what sort of mount to have (he's going to be high level, so pretty much anything goes) and I came up with the idea of an evil-pegasus-type-thing. I was wondering if anyone had any stats, or had any ideas, for such a creature. Or if not, any other ideas for mounts for evil paladins.
24th-Oct-2002 01:10 am (UTC) - Re: NIghtmare
I had considered this. I am actually going to be worshipping the God of Fire and Wrath so it would kinda work. I even jokingly suggested it to my GM. I'm not sure she'll go for it. The other issue with this idea is that on the outside he's meant to seem like a pretty normal guy. He's joining a "good" party of adventurers so I don't want something that is going to stand up and say "I'm Evil!"

But thanks for the suggestion. I've always liked the idea of a Nightmare for a mount after I read something about them in a FR novel.
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