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i'm running a game with a feudal society but data on feudal society that's available online is conflicting and complex and i don't need to be all that accurate so i set up a simplified noble ranking here:

noble ranks -
king/queen - kingdom
prince/princess - principality
duke/duchess - duchy
baron/baroness - barony

the church will be important too, so i set up church ranks similar to those of the RC church here:
church ranks -
bishop of *capitol city name here* (pope basically)

i'd like to set up paladin ranks that have a military/religious sound to them but i'm drawing a blank and suggestions for titles would be welcome. the highest ranking paladin would be equal in rank to a cardinal, there is no "pope of paladins", and i think i want the lowest rank of paladin to be deacon as it is for the clergy.

anyway, suggestions?

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