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Instant Musical

The most of you lot are running rpgs bassed in real life I assume while me on the other hand...I'm dming a forum rpg. This gets...weird. We don't do the stats and dice thing too well because you can't really see what people are doing and when you can see them...they're all stoned and drunk. So we're writing. So in general it's like create your own story but I thought I'd post some of the spells, artifacts, creatures, and the like I as stupid gm russel up and maybe if you like it, you can assymilate it borg style into your stuff and give it some stats for your game eh?

Starting with the Instant Musical feat/effect/spell

Currently Used by a sand elemental bard character in the "Welcome to the Nuclear Wasteland" rpg on morgantowngamers.com.
Effects: When activated, any creature of a certain type that hears the caster's voice suddenly knows the words and moves to an entire dance reutine and has to perform it along with the caster! You ever wonder how people on the street know all the song and dance that the main characters in musicals do? Now you know! And you thought it was just lots of practice! No it was magic!
Cost:In our game, if the character wants to use it, she can only do it once per week game time and it takes all her magic points. She has to state what character type it's going to effect ahead of time. It's an extremely powerful spell as this character combines it with Titan's voice. So far she's used it on an army of zombies (She made an army of zombies dance along with "My Strongest Suit" of Aidia...it was very horifying..but hey, what'evers funniest and keeps the idiots posting I don't care) and our local undead vampire who now wants to strangle her in real life.
Idea came from here: the Cuban Pete scene in The Mask. Wouldn't that be totally awesome?
For D&D you could...: Why not make a cursed item that at the worst possible moment makes anyone who can hear the song have to do the dance moves, or maybe a spell that acts as the instant musical effect. It would be truely fearsome in battle if you got right down to it. One bard could stand up on a cliff and make an entire army dance themselves to death. Think about it....

More later from Morgantowngamers.com!

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