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Never cheer for a battle well fought when there's an hour left of game...

It usually annoys the DM. And you don't like them to be annoyed.

So, tonight's game session was pretty exciting and creative. Our DM's always creative. ;)

My character is a hollow demon, a shapechanger of sorts. Right now, she's playing a half-drow shadow-priestess. And as of last game, she's being followed by a shade of some kind, with whispers in her head constantly haunting her. Today we found out that this shade is called a well-wish and it's there to make sure she is wished well. Um... yeah. Pretty creepy if you ask her. Our rogue was trying to avoid the shade (since he's the only other one who can see it) and ran into an old friend of ours. Damacles is the ancient wizard that we managed to turn into a deity 1500 years ago. Now that we are back in our right time, 1500 years later, he's popped in for a visit.

This visit entailed a battle with one red dragon, three stonish orc people, an orc shaman and two half-dragons. And I do have to say, we wiped the floor with them. Most of us are 15th and 16th levels and we were doing decently... until our dwarf mage cast prismatic spray on an area that covered the dragon, two stone-orcs and our paladin. The stone-orcs took damage, our paladin *just* saved being sent to a new plane and the dragon... failed his poison save. That's instant death.

Here ye here ye. It IS possible to slaughter a large red dragon with a prismatic spray. That is, if your DM doesn't know it and isn't prepared for it. I don't suspect ours will fall for it again. ;)

And we won. EASILY. The only one who took major damage was me, and no one else knows it (I don't make a habbit of advertising my injuries, goes with my dramatic nature - when I die and you guys don't see it coming, poo on you). We were happy. Until our DM replied, "I need a 5 minute break." Oops. Um, yeah.

That's when we met Damacles the god. A prismatic wall trapped him and the dwarf thane and prince were gotten to safety... then the nice deity spelled a hole out from under the paladin's and my feet and we fell under ground (me taking more damage), just in time to see our old friend put on his regalia of evil and hold person us both. Guess he got tired of the vulgarities the paladin was spitting at him. His last comment? "Your friends will be here shortly." And then the DM ended the game.

Wasn't that nice of him?

My character's thought as tonight closed? "You know, that wellwish would come in REAL handy right now!"

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