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*I copied this straight from my journal entry...* Anyway, if it's confusing tell me and i'll try to clarifly*


Okay, being that one of my d&d campaign is so hilarious i've decided to tell the story, it might be long. I'll lj-cut after a few lines...

Background info: I'm a Trumpet Archon

(the green one)
From Celestia. There was a large war in which hells layers joined forces to steal thousands of Celestials. Apparently this happened over 30 years ago. They finally gathered enough and were soon going to sacrifice them all in order to make a dark lord.

Story: I (name: Aralyn) decided to go down into to hell to help free the Celestials. One of the main reasons being that my sister is one of the ones who is going to be sacrificed. I ask all through Celestia and no one wants to help except for one hound archon (see picture, he's the red one) named Henry. So we go on our way and meet up with a few people while trying to get to hell. We meet with a wizard (Arkor), a dwarf (Glanoric) and someone else (I forget what he was, his character dies a lot...eeh). Anyway, so apparently we get into hell. Some time between the first and fourth level we find ourselves dealing with a Rakshasa

who wants us to fight in the arenas of hell and find him bunches of soul shells (which are shells containing damned souls...makes sense). Anyway, I refuse to do either being that i'm a Cleric of Heironeus and it's against my alignment/beliefs etc. But my buddy Henry and the rest of the party go and fight in the arena and win the soul shells.

They couldn't find enough of them so they end up finding another Rahshasa who decides to kill the other one and take over his business (hey, it is hell). So the party does that. I do help in the killing of the first Rakshasa, he was evil...

Some time in between all of this Glanoric drinks and drink called "The Rive Stix" (guess where it's from... And becomes anmesiac. Every day we have to tell him where he's from and such. So eventually we just write him a note and tape it to his shirt.. Bad Idea. One day he wanders off, forgets where he is and encounters some Pit Fiends

which he hands the note over to (telling them about our plans to free the celestials and such). After some contemplation the pit fiends trick him into going in the arena and we have to go get him back.
Glanoric also plays with a Epic Deck of Many Things (very magical pack of cards). He pulls one card which makes him a keep in hell. He pulls another that makes three of the party members of his choosing three levels down. He then draws a card which call the four horsemen onto his homeplane. His home plane happens to be the prime material and he pretty much destroys it. A friend of his (the one that died earlier) pulls a card and some glooms come and kill him.

Anyway, so we get to the next layer of hell but one of our party members is trapped in a box on the second layer of hell because he talked shit to the Rakshasa (the party member that I couldn't remember in the first place). So we continue on and around the sixth layer of hell we find a bunch of Emperion soldiers. They hate Gods and such. They were sent to stop the killing of the Celestials since it would make an very powerful evil deity. So Henry helps organize the Emperion forces against a large attack via our Celestian innate ability to message people at will. So we all fight this huge battle which included a Flesh Collossus, bunches of giants and tons of other things. Anyway, after all the help Henry was given the rank of a Commander and given a helm from the Emperion that he could use whenever he needed help.

So we were finally on the seventh layer of hell where it was all happening. We got to the place and snuck into the dungeons which were holding the Celestials and began to free them. I first freed my sister and then we freed thousands of others. Many died because of some sort of trap that opened a hole underneath them. After that we went to the top to stop the spell which was already in progress. We freed other trapped things (non-celestials) and killed as many sorcerors and wizards as we could. We then made a quick escape to the Prime Material Plane. When we got there we find a desolate waste land.

We found some Emperion soldiers and they set us on another quest. We were to find a ancient artifact that makes artifacts...One of the most powerful things in existence. Anyway, it looks just like a little block. The guardian of this is a 16-headed tiger. So we go...we kill it and then I grab the block. A few seconds later a messenger from my deity, Heironeus, comes down and demands if for Celestia for safe keeping. The party all hate this. Most of the member want to kill him and give it back to the Emperion like we signed the contract saying we would do. Henry is conflicted being that his God's messenger has come down asking for and he has also signed a contract giving his word to return it to someone else. I, being the holy archon I am, commune to my deity. He says he does in fact want it and that we should ask Philip (the ruler of the Emperion) to understand, he says he will send a messenger with us to help smoothe things out. So amidst all the fighting I take it upon myself and give the block to the messenger. Soon after...all hell breaks loose. Everyones most powerful being from every plane are shifting in. Even Tiamat herself, eep.. Anyway, so we run away... During this time Henry denounced his god and said no one needs any deities. (he said this because the messenger from Heironeus was talking about our actions in hell and that we may have to stand trial when we come back to Celestia).

(Before we get to the Emperion, while Tiamat is coming through the Portal from Hell the Dwarf and this Rogue just through it. The dwarf has a keep there and thinks it'll be safer there then in the Emperion)

We make our way back to the Emperion and Philip is pissed. He tells us we have to go to Celestia get half of it or he's going to kill us. The party thinks it seems fair enough, there was a contract. So we go back to Celestia and as soon as we get there Henry is held to be put on trial.

Down in hell the Dwarf is spreading lies and causing chaos. He's dealing with the second layer ruler and telling him of the happenings in Celestia and how they have the block. The rogue gets the Emperion soldiers who were stuck in hell and rallies them against the Celestials...

Soon after Henry's on trial. I speak on his behalf as do many other celestials. But Heironeus and the others can't get over him denouncing his and all deities. So they demote him to a lantern archon (look at the archon picture, it's the ball of light.) The messenger goes to shake his hand, trying to say no hard feelings. As he goes up there Henry grabs his keys from him and quickly after tons of portals into the area open! Swarms of people from hell and the Emperion flood in and begin to fight. By stealing the keys he stole the entry into Celestia. Now Inter-Planar warfare is happening....

That's how the last session ended.

Oh one more thing. I got promoted to a Planetar :) Planetars and freaking awesome and pretty impossible to kill.. Picture

I'm the green one.


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