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Community notice and useful link

For those who haven't discovered yet, LJ are now limiting the number of posts people can make a day. Personally, I consider this a good thing, but I realise it may have repercussions on this community. I will strive to provide interesting topics for people to post comments on if people are worried about making posts to the community itself. Hopefully, it shouldn't make too much difference, unless you're all posting whores. If you want more details on the changes, check out news.

On another matter, I found this link over the weekend which I thought others might be interested in:


It's a place that allows you to put your characters' stats on for sharing/printing on a rather nifty character sheet. Looks good for sharing stuff in online campaigns. I had a little play around on it, and it seemed quite cool. When I have some finalised characters on there I'll share where to find them or something, if I can work out how. Anyway, I recommend you all take a look!

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