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D&D 3E
[Update] A dragonlance campaign 
7th-Mar-2004 10:12 pm
Thanks to everyone who offered their advice when I was asking about dragonlance campaign ideas. After a lot of consideration, I've decided to follow the Key of Twilight campaign. It's not out yet, but you can get the first chapter as a preview from their website. This is set in the Age of Mortals, which I know most of you warned me away from, but the advantage is that I can get some experience in the GM seat without having to memorize everything at once. And I already have ideas on how to change some things in the campaign, adding a few unique NPCs and a couple of side-quests along the way.

As for those of you who warned me away from DMing so soon, I understand where you are coming from, but this is me. In order to learn the character classes, I went through and rolled them all out. Did that with several of the prestige classes that I was interested in, too. The other DMs have seen me go through more characters in 6 months, simply because I figure out how to play one character and then want to try something different. I think I am going to need to do the same with DMing. I can't learn it until I do it. And this is that last fronteer, I've run out of classes to learn. ;) So, thank you for your advice and I know that I will screw up. This is one big experiment, but I think we'll have fun with it.

That said, I know I'm going to be asking for your advice as we go along. For example... ;)

I'm thinking of having an healer PCs start out as mystics, not clerics. Since this is RIGHT after the War of the Souls, my thought is that if they want to be a cleric, we'll make the receipt of the medallion of faith and the transformation into a follower of one of the newly returned deities an ingame thing. What do you guys think about this?

Also, I've decided to allow wizards and sorcerers, with the understanding that wizardry has only just returned to Krynn. The magic is back, but the Towers have not been refounded (since a leader for the white-robes hasn't been found). My question is, should I still insist that any wizards follow the mooncycles just like Wizards of High Sorcery do? I'm thinking I'd like to, but it's listed in the High Sorcery prestige classes, and without the tower being opened, the prestige classes won't be available. What do you guys think? IS moonmagic still a factor?

My last question is regarding the half-ogres. Of the races I am allowing my PCs to start out as, three of them have level adjustments. Two of those (ogre and centaur) are easily followed through with the savage species (and it perfectly fits the dragonlance campaign manual). The half-ogre just has a +1 level adjustment, but it doesn't include hitdice and isn't in Savage Species. If the PCs are starting at level 1, how do I make the half-ogre available to them? Or can I?

That's about it, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. And again, thanks for your support!
7th-Mar-2004 08:11 pm (UTC)
Half-ogres are in Savage Species. Page 217.

The new Player's Guide to Faerun (as report by Wizards) has what I think is a decent way for running characters with level adjustments beyond that of the rest of the party. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/iw/20040215a&page=2
8th-Mar-2004 05:26 am (UTC)
Oh, that's perfect! Thanks!

And I love your icon! Whee! ;)
7th-Mar-2004 08:33 pm (UTC)
The way i run Wizards of High Socery (WoHS) is as thus. In my Istar game I had them under go a ritual (they were only 2nd lvl at the time). The same is done for WoHS I'd think. And since I strated to run it I have realized those who rely on the moons for power get a whole lot more of it. Basically I'd make it one of two things: A feat to become attached to the moons. A role-playing option. Or let the PCs do it in-game. See how it works out. (they could learn from a former WoHS; whose lost magic and just got it back... that sort of thing)

Also look into the 'Age of Mortals' campeign setting. It has great stuff for the transference of Wizards to Sorcerers and back. Same with Clerics and Mystics. (I love the idea of forcing them to start off as mystics). But as for wizards... I'd do the same and make them start as sorcerers. It takes years upon years of study to be able to master the whole Wizard thing; and transfering would also take as much time, unless they were wizards pre-2nd cataclysm, and they are going back to old ways. Which would be cool.... but why are they 1st lvl? I think the whole transference thing is cool, make them choose.

The lvl adjustment works for when you start off past lvl 1. I found starting around lvl 3 or 4 is ideal. Less chance for accedentally killing PCs, more le way for story, and closer to prestige classes like Knight of Solomnia / Neraka / Steel. thats just me.

Also you may want to restrict certian races, like Orgre, or elf or whatever doesn't really fit the theme of your game (In my Istar game a PC wanted to play a minotaur, and I had to say no.... his monk of majere was awesome though!)

Good luck!
8th-Mar-2004 05:24 am (UTC)
You know, I think you're right about the wizards. I will have them start as sorcs. Thanks!

And the more I thought about it, the more I'm considering restricting the party to humans, elves, dwarves, kender and gnomes. I already said no draconians, but when it comes to within-party interactions, having things like an elf PC working with a minotaur PC just... won't work. Can I do that? I'm not trying to rain on their fun, but I would like to have a harmonious party (and the kender will cause enough trouble as is ;)
8th-Mar-2004 05:31 am (UTC) - 2 things
1st) A little intra-party conflict isn't bad so long as it doesn't come to the PCs killing each other. Like a Mintaur & an elf would likely do at this time period. Draconians may be cool (with their city and all</i>, but again racial profiling and what not you've probably made a good choice. I mean, back in the day you couldn't get a Hill dwarf and a Mountian Dwarf in the same room without it coming to blows; same with Sivanesti and Qualenesti.

2) Be very very careful about what I have dubbed 'The Silly races of Krynn' i.e. Kender, Gnomes, and Gully Dwarves. They are an intrigal part of the setting. They are definatly nessecery, but can be a campiegn buster like anyother. They are fucking difficult to play right. (like kender are NOT children, and can be quite serious) etc. I don't know your players, but its one hell of a challange and can be campaign busting if done stupidly (like a Gnome with a giant acid weilding balista........don't ask)
8th-Mar-2004 05:41 am (UTC) - Re: 2 things
*giggles!* Too bad, I'm asking. ;)

*nods* Oh, I understand about the Silly Races (tm). I actually have someone in mind to play the kender. He plays nothing but rogues and at the moment he's playing an insane half-elf thief who follows the god of luck and actually makes bets with him (wins a lot, too). Oh, and he sees dead people. And he's actually a serious character, though the rest of us are laughing our asses off. I think he'll make a decent kender, but I'm going to talk to him about it.

As for the gully-dwarves, I was thinking of avoiding them, dark elves (for the same reason as minotaurs) and dark dwarves as well. Unless one of my PCs REALLY wants to play them. And gnomes...

Well, I'm really not all that familiar with gnomes. I've read their entry, but they're a little new to me.
8th-Mar-2004 08:27 pm (UTC) - Re: 2 things
Dark Elves are no different then other elves, they just been cast out. They tecnically don't specify if the look different. Its just then they are so rare when one does EVERYONE within that Elven society knows about it; and stories are told about the evils of dark elves from then on.

Good Luck with the Kender thing. I have yet to see them played right by any one other then me (yeah, I know it sounds egotistical). then again I have yet to see a good roleplayer make the attempt. Most who try to play Kender have that silly sterotype in mind. Good Luck with your player.

Gnomes are perhaps the most insane. Gully Dwarves are innocent and stupid. kender are child like. Tinker Gnomes have a very alien mind set. Their all about their life quest, and all most everything they do revolves around that quest; which can only be solved by building something and likely its not possible to do (I'd say about 85% of all life quests are impossible and are passed to the next generation). Results are generally all that matter, even life, liberty etc.. is irrelivant by comparison.

Thinker Gnomes make inventions that work. They are few and ostrisized by Gnomish society. The intial series by Weis and Hickman had a decent impression of Gnomes. Chronicles & even legends had some good examples of how to play sterotypical kender, gnomes, and gully dwarves.
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