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[Update] A dragonlance campaign

Thanks to everyone who offered their advice when I was asking about dragonlance campaign ideas. After a lot of consideration, I've decided to follow the Key of Twilight campaign. It's not out yet, but you can get the first chapter as a preview from their website. This is set in the Age of Mortals, which I know most of you warned me away from, but the advantage is that I can get some experience in the GM seat without having to memorize everything at once. And I already have ideas on how to change some things in the campaign, adding a few unique NPCs and a couple of side-quests along the way.

As for those of you who warned me away from DMing so soon, I understand where you are coming from, but this is me. In order to learn the character classes, I went through and rolled them all out. Did that with several of the prestige classes that I was interested in, too. The other DMs have seen me go through more characters in 6 months, simply because I figure out how to play one character and then want to try something different. I think I am going to need to do the same with DMing. I can't learn it until I do it. And this is that last fronteer, I've run out of classes to learn. ;) So, thank you for your advice and I know that I will screw up. This is one big experiment, but I think we'll have fun with it.

That said, I know I'm going to be asking for your advice as we go along. For example... ;)

I'm thinking of having an healer PCs start out as mystics, not clerics. Since this is RIGHT after the War of the Souls, my thought is that if they want to be a cleric, we'll make the receipt of the medallion of faith and the transformation into a follower of one of the newly returned deities an ingame thing. What do you guys think about this?

Also, I've decided to allow wizards and sorcerers, with the understanding that wizardry has only just returned to Krynn. The magic is back, but the Towers have not been refounded (since a leader for the white-robes hasn't been found). My question is, should I still insist that any wizards follow the mooncycles just like Wizards of High Sorcery do? I'm thinking I'd like to, but it's listed in the High Sorcery prestige classes, and without the tower being opened, the prestige classes won't be available. What do you guys think? IS moonmagic still a factor?

My last question is regarding the half-ogres. Of the races I am allowing my PCs to start out as, three of them have level adjustments. Two of those (ogre and centaur) are easily followed through with the savage species (and it perfectly fits the dragonlance campaign manual). The half-ogre just has a +1 level adjustment, but it doesn't include hitdice and isn't in Savage Species. If the PCs are starting at level 1, how do I make the half-ogre available to them? Or can I?

That's about it, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. And again, thanks for your support!

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