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D&D references..

This is an idea I got from someone on dragonlance.

What references of D&D can you remember from TV/films/literature/music?

Here are mine..

(1) Buffy/Angel: Both these shows have referenced D&D on numerous occasions (a gold star to the first person to list five). Most notable is the time they had a semi-regular roleplayer in Angel.

(2) Highlander: The Series: When my favourite TV series of all time mentioned my favourite glee, I ended up jumping around with glee. I can't remember the name of the episode unfortunately. But at one time Fitz is chained up by some bad guys and he says something along the line of: "What is this, Dungeons and Dragons?"

(3) <insert misc British detective series here> I'm pretty sure it was Taggart. Some guy had died the night he had been roleplaying. A bit of bad press for D&Ders I suppose, but it wasn't done too badly. I think, if I remember correctly, the roleplayers made a pretty good case for why they were nice people. But it was a long long time ago so my memory is pretty damn hazy.

So does anyone have anymore references?

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