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D&D 3E
3.5 Weapon Choice 
20th-Feb-2004 05:52 am
Hey Everyone,
I am in a 3.5 game and I have choosen to play the Swashbuckler base from The Complete Warrior. I have an 18 Dex and I was thinking about grabbing some ranged weapons. My DM suggested a ton of pistol crossbows but I was thinking throwing knives and lots of them. My question is this, since my DM has my 3.5 PHB which does more damage and which overall do you think would be the better choice. With the crossbows obviously after the first shot each you would need to drop them. Which is why I like the knives, you are ready every turn you have them. Just getting some other opnions/info before the next game. Thanks a lot in advance.

20th-Feb-2004 05:20 am (UTC)
What do you picture having? Remember that realistically a crossbow cannot stay cocked for a an extensive period of time, or else it will lose its pull; more then a bow. But not that long. So you just can't have a bunch of loaded crossbows on ya and quick draw then out and fire them.

20th-Feb-2004 05:23 am (UTC)
Dude! A fellow Swashbuckler!

I'm just starting playing Dragonlance after a brief stint at FR, so I'm fairly new to the game to say the least (and the rest of my group are pretty much 5-10 year veterans) so I'd love to keep in touch with you about character building. Right now I have a 17 Dex (didn't roll any 18s) and I just started, so my weapons are pretty limited: rapier, short sword, and shortbow. I was thinking upon the suggestion of my boyfriend that I might get a bunch of throwing knives and just wear them down one side of my leg in a bunch of holsters sewn into my pants or something.

What feats have you taken so far? I've got Dodge, Mobility, and then the given Weapon Finesse... I'm considering taking the Duelist prestige class in the future.

<3 Julie
20th-Feb-2004 05:40 am (UTC) - Goto the handy d20 reference

No matter what weapon you choose the following feats will serve you well:

Qucik Draw
Combat Reflexes
Point Blank Shot
Far Shot
Precise Shot

For a swashbuckling character I would not suggest a bow. In fact I would go with as many items that you can cary. Get a big purse and fill it with items. You can collect them after the battle.

Dagger good for critical hits (19-20)
Darts good for additional range (20 ft.)
Throwing axe good for additional damage (1d6)

Crossbows are definitely out. Each time you reload (even if it is only a move equivalent - light crossbow) you provoke an attack of opportunity. Even with the rapid reload feat you still provoke those AoAs. Absolutly no good for a swashbuckler whose skill is with fighting in close.

You'll also need a really good rapier with the Weapon Finesse feat to take advantage of that 18 dex.
20th-Feb-2004 06:19 am (UTC) - Re: Goto the handy d20 reference
Well, Swashbuckler class gives him weapon finesse at first level. Quick Draw is gonna be a must for you, if you're going for a thrower. But if you're really gonna debate over crossbows vs thrown weapons, just get a bow. Good damage, nice range, and no load time. I'd probably just take the thrown weapons for style purposes though.
20th-Feb-2004 06:51 am (UTC) - Re: Goto the handy d20 reference
I prefer the thrown weapons (daggers). Not only can daggers be used in melee and ranged combat (whichever is more beneficial at the time) -- which really helps when it comes to AoOs and furthermore allows you to get twice the usefulness out of Weapon Focus and related feats -- but thrown weapons can be used with both TWF and Rapid Shot, giving you two extra attacks per round. If you have extra precision based damage (Sneak Attack, Precise Strike), that's a tremendous benefit. And you can take the Invisible Blade and Master Thrower PrCs from CW as well. ;)

That said, there are a few downsides to the daggers -- they deal less base damage, have a shorter range increment, and weigh quite a bit more than arrows (fired from a bow, of course) do.
20th-Feb-2004 04:09 pm (UTC)
throwing irons from the arms and equipment guide do 1d6 damage. and they look vicious...(i picture them as the weapon that was thrown by the big black dude at Ardeth Bey in Mummy 2). they're kinda big though. but maybe you could get 2-3 and put "returning" on them...
20th-Feb-2004 10:41 pm (UTC) - Elaboration
Being a Swashbuckler I am not one for a bow, even a short one would be difficult on a ship. With some pistol crossbows I can have them at my side, draw and fire when ready, drop them, then go into melee. Of course with Throwing Knives I always have a melee weapon like someone else said. And of course they are easily hidden, I am just wanting something to fling at a target to assist a friend or weaken a target before I get up close and person. Honestly I do find myself leaning towards the knives. Belt across chests full, in boots, who knows where else. Just getting other opnions.


P.S. Rrazor my email is in my userinfo if you want to mail me.

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