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D&D 3E
29th-Jan-2004 04:40 pm
I'm a little bored so I thought I'd post a poll, so here it goes:

Whats your favorite race and class? feel free to explain!!!

I prefer Half-elf Sorcerers. I don't know I just like the idea of being in conrtol of that much power!

29th-Jan-2004 01:48 pm (UTC)
Human rogues, I think. I always enjoy being the skilled guy.
29th-Jan-2004 01:57 pm (UTC) - from Forgotten Realms
Wild-elf Bard.

The race makes for interesting, offbeat backstories and the class is ideal for actual role-playing as opposed to the usual hack-and-slash.

(Recently, I created a half-Wild elf, half-Rakshasa Barbarian but haven't had the opportunity to play him yet.)
29th-Jan-2004 01:59 pm (UTC)
I'd pick Raksasha assassin...oh wait, is that a PC race and class??
29th-Jan-2004 02:22 pm (UTC) - Shifting Shapes (or races... or classes...)
Well, I'm new to D&D and haven't had a great number of characters to experience. For the first few months, I went through characters like crazy, no doubt sending my DMs out of their minds. Once I played a character for a bit, I'd decide, "Alright, I know that race/class, now I want to learn about this one!" While cleaning today, I threw out 50 pages of characters that were never played. Well, a couple of months ago, one of my DMs finally figured out a way around my habits after I went through a halfling rogue and an elven druid in his game.

Now, my character in his game is a race that he invented. Basically, she's a demon/shapeshifter. Every time she dies, she comes back as someone else. Her class (cleric) was not really decided for me, nor was her present race (half-elf). Ironically, in my other game, I put together a ghaele cleric several months ago. So, without intending to do so, I seem to have fallen into the cleric. I guess that is my destiny. ;)

Personally, I find it funny that I now play one angel cleric and one demon cleric. What does that say about me?
29th-Jan-2004 02:46 pm (UTC) - Re: Shifting Shapes (or races... or classes...)
Ahhh!!! Never throw away old characters!!! >:| You never know if you'll need them again and the stroroes they've made can always ocme in handy later down the line!
29th-Jan-2004 03:30 pm (UTC) - Re: Shifting Shapes (or races... or classes...)
*giggles* Oh, those characters have been kept, of course! It's the scraps of paper from characters that never got finished or played that I tossed. Everything that's seen the light of day has been put into a file, don't worry about that.
29th-Jan-2004 03:33 pm (UTC) - Re: Shifting Shapes (or races... or classes...)
you've been redeemed in my book, but I'll be watching you...:)
29th-Jan-2004 04:08 pm (UTC) - Re: Shifting Shapes (or races... or classes...)
*laughs and bows* Yes Ma'am, I understand Ma'am!
29th-Jan-2004 02:31 pm (UTC)
tri-kreen duelist here >:)

its just funny for RP purposes :)
29th-Jan-2004 02:50 pm (UTC)
Human Fighter, any kinda feat combos you could dream of.
29th-Jan-2004 05:28 pm (UTC) - Re:
Man I remember when fighters were more then feats, due to the complete lack of feats.

Ahhh 2nd edition.
29th-Jan-2004 07:17 pm (UTC) - Re:
What are you talking about? Before feats they were THAC0. Feats make them more than THAC0.
29th-Jan-2004 10:39 pm (UTC) - Re:
Feats have the tendency to make a character a set of feats, and thats what defines them. Before there was no need for feats to define the character.

And they were much more then just 'THACO'. Back then specalizing in a weapon actaully meant something.
29th-Jan-2004 03:05 pm (UTC)
To play, Half-Ogre Fighter. Although the Half-Ogre Monk with Improved Trip that I'm playing in a friend's one-off adventure has proven to be a blast as well. :)

I always liked playing big tough characters who can dish out and take a lot of damage, and 3rd edition made them really interesting to build as well, all the combat feats allow you to really customize a warrior and give it a unique style and feel.
29th-Jan-2004 04:01 pm (UTC)
Dwarven melee Clerics are my bread and butter. Sometimes I'll make 'em Fighter/Clerics or Paladins for variety. ;)

Right now, however, in my tabletop campaign I'm playing a Dwarven Wizard (Abjurer) with a grudge against extra-planar beings ("outsiders"). I was going to make him a Sorcerer, which would have been pretty cool, but I had played quite a few high Charisma characters in the campaign already and thus opted for a lower-Charisma Wizard.

Online I'm playing a Dwarven Druid (Metal Master variant from Dragon 311) and a Elven Fighter/Mage (2e). I don't like Elves much, but I picked up an already-in-progress character.
29th-Jan-2004 05:32 pm (UTC) - Re:
In my Table top campaign I'm playing a Human Fighter/ Duelist because I've never played a fighter before and I never knew I could kick this much butt!!
29th-Jan-2004 04:38 pm (UTC)
Human fighter or rogue. Everyone seems to ignore the "everyman" heroes. Maybe it's becuase I like Ravenloft so much, but I often find the less magic you have to fall back on, the more creative you end up needing to be.
29th-Jan-2004 05:32 pm (UTC)
In my decade of playing D&D I have played everything from dragons to insane sorcerers. Dwarven fighters specialized in the dagger, An Elven fighter who didn't have any magic items until the very end; and then it was the same sword and same armor that became enchanted. A +1 longsword and +1 elven chainmail. From a gnomish inventor to cleric of St. Cuthbert. I never found my nich of favorite character combination until this.....My favorite thing to play is a kender handler.

That was way to nostalgic for my own good.
29th-Jan-2004 07:52 pm (UTC)
hrmm... Well, I guess i'll pick the combination i'm playing right now, which is a human fighter. Of course the human has been bitten and now stays mainly in werebear form. Awesome.
30th-Jan-2004 12:11 am (UTC) - Tiefling ranger.
You've got an edge or two, a drawback that doesn't matter much to a ranger, and a reason to be hiding out in the woods.  So what if you're a level behind those smug humanoids? ;)

30th-Jan-2004 04:26 am (UTC)
Class-wise I've always prefered mage-thieves (including sorcerers and bards in that too).

Race-wise I tend to always play elves, but I like humans and half-elves too. I can't say I have a favourite. When it comes to race I think it's always what you make of the character, and the world the character is based in.
30th-Jan-2004 10:12 am (UTC) - Human Cleric Archer
Pick a war god with a longbow as favorite weapon. Stand in the back next to the Wizard and plink away at the baddies. Then when everything is over, walk through the carnage and heal your budds.
30th-Jan-2004 11:49 am (UTC)
hmmm... i'd have to say an Elven Monk.....with the Dex bonus to race...and with weapon finesse (unarmed strike)....at low levels, give him traditional Monk weapons and he gets all the finesse bonuses as if he was striking unarmed....later on, he can walk up to that Vampire Lord who has managed to subdue an entire keep and turn at least half the militia into spawn...and backhand the fangs outta the vamp's mouth....give him improved init, inproved crit, lightning reflexes...and i'm sure you can think of a couple more offhand... and you'll never have to worry about that "just lost my Holy Sword of Vampire Pimpslapping +5 so should I turn round and bend over now or at least try running away first?" scenario...
31st-Jan-2004 09:32 pm (UTC)
I tend to make a lot of charaacters in my head. the one i seem to put on paper the most is a half-elf druid. Im playing a human rouge online right now, they seem pretty cool, but the one im waiting to try out is my second generation lycanthrope monk (weretiger). i got a nice backround story going on, now i just need a dedicated DM to let me play :-D most the DMs ive played with always seem to quit after about lvl 6.....ive never been lvl 10.....thats pretty sad :-\ all my D&D knowlege of 3.0 is going to waste :-(
2nd-Feb-2004 03:19 am (UTC) - hrmmm....
hrmm... I'm enjoying the character I'm playing right now.. for only my third character, it's pretty fun. I'm currently a Luminous Fighter/Cleric who prestiged into the Luminous Lightbringer class, and has maxed out on that, so I'm also a celestial. 14 class levels total, 16 effective.
My domains in cleric allow me to once a day, once I've been dealt damage, deal a true strike at max damage. Also, once I've been dealt damage, I can smite someone, regardless of alignment, this is unlimited, just as long as I've been dealt damage. (3 domains are great.) This is in addition to the smite evil I get once per day as a Celestial.
I also have damage reduction, spell resistance, and with the feat the mountain does not move, it's fun.
18th-Feb-2004 02:01 am (UTC) - Re: hrmmm....
Luminous?  As in Mythic Races?

I like the Siarrans myself...and the Pevishan.

5th-Feb-2004 08:30 pm (UTC) - hehehe
Whats really fun to play is a Lizardfolk Druid. Throw in a ton of tribal history and the title Shaman, and you've got some fun stuff!

I also enjoy playing Telepaths. Messing with peoples minds is just beyond the standard fighter or wizard. If psionics are different, you're all my slaves!
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