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D&D 3E
i'm running a game where my players are exploring a flooded dwarven… 
22nd-Jan-2004 06:12 pm
i'm running a game where my players are exploring a flooded dwarven mine. last week they figured out how to drain the mine and have nearly repeled the current residents of the upper levels. next week they will begin to explore the lower levels. any ideas for interesting encounters or puzzles i can throw at them? i've got one thing planned with a broken hammerer (MMI, automaton). i'd like some ideas for interesting stuff i can throw in. i've got some traps that have survived the ravages of time and water, and some waterlogged undead and mechanical creatures for them to deal with. but i'd like something more interesting than the typical hack and slash. i was thinking of having the ghost of a bard, maybe a riddling game. anyway, anyone got some clever tricks up their sleeve? something fun and interesting. this is a group of five 4th level pc's if that makes a difference.
22nd-Jan-2004 07:45 pm (UTC)
For fun water-level-changing puzzles, look at . . . hell, nearly any Legend of Zelda game made after '91.
23rd-Jan-2004 08:25 am (UTC)
this has so many possiblities...since it was underwater for a long period of time, it obviously has a source of water that keeps the mine working. think of water creatures that would love to hide in dark caves and such...troglodytes for example. but you could change things a bit...make them intelligent and able to speak common for example. there could be a fungus that grows underwater that perhaps they harvest ...maybe it has healing properties but may taste like ass...if you make it where the creatures there are able to talk and possibly reason with the Pc's...there is always time for backstabbing later.

how bout a weaker earth ele? say it made a deal with the dwarves and only attacks non dwarves (a defensive trap)..how bout a rust monster (make it larger and beefier) that has the answer to a certian question...the party has to give up some metal..swords, armor etc....to be able to answer a riddle of some sort. you can have them give up something that you know they would need later...say the rust monster likes grappling hooks cause they tickle its belly...and you know the party will have to do some climbing later on...

just my two pence
23rd-Jan-2004 08:27 pm (UTC)
What about that poor largish aboleth that suddenly has to live in a puddle? Or the ...dare I say it...? Potential for a deep one type of creature to have taken up residence? There are all kinds of ecological implications for this. What happens to the ecology that formed when the tunnels were flooded? How has the water damaged the rock, or rather any bedrock foundation? Shifted tunnels. You could insert a kind of maze, really. Stuck doors.

A crazy old dwarf. Depending on how magical your game is... There's the option of some magic gone awry and this dwarf has altered a little... for swimming and water breathing.

LOTS of things.

My disclaimer is that these are off the top of my head with no further consideration or indepth thought.
28th-Jan-2004 07:53 am (UTC)
there could be a fungus that grows underwater that perhaps they harvest ----- armygrnt502

I'm just going to put my own take on this. Perhaps there's a fungus that grows in water, and if it's taken out it begins to secrete a poisonous gas?

You could also throw in a water elemental that's rather pissed off as to its now dry home.

In my mind it's also impossible to drain -all- the water from a mine that has been underwater for however long of a time. Perhaps some of the deeper tunnels still aren't drained out and they have to navigate through a dark watery maze.

If you're looking for riddles or adventure ideas, I usually go to http://www.dndadventure.com/ . They always have great stuff. :]
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