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Cleric Domains and Cross Class

Greetings to all,
I have a couple of questions for the wise sages here. First off I was reading the magic chapter and it talks about the clerics of course having there 2 domains. And I just want to make sure I understand something. I get that they get all there spell alotments and +1 where the +1 is a domain spell. But I want to verify that every day they need to have a alternating domain spell. If they have nature and good as there domains then on monday it is nature and tuesday is good. I am curious as to what happens if for 2 days straight the same domain is chosen.

Second, in preperation for a 3.5 game my group was getting sheets ready under the eye of my DM. And most of these players are 2nd Edition veterans but 3rd Edition Newbies. And the point cost for class skills and cross class skills was understood. But we got to wondering about odd numbers. Example, at level 1 max class ranks is 4 and max cross-class is 2. Then at level 2 the max class ranks is 5, but am I correct in say that max cross-class is 2.5. I mean I know cross-class is halved but I just wanted to make sure on the odd numbers.

Thanks all for your time,


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