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D&D 3E
6th-Jan-2004 03:43 pm
Hiro from Heroes
my D&D group is down to two players and a DM

is there anyone in the grand rapids area that would be intersted in playing

we play every friday night from 5 pm to 10 or 12 pm

experiance is prefered but newbies are welcome [since we were all newbies once]

but you need to be reliaible and be able to be there every friday at 5 unless something comes up and you let us know ahead of time.

we need more people!!!

7th-Jan-2004 06:33 am (UTC)
Maybe a little more info is needed...

We play 3.0. We have a Elvin Ranger and a Human Fighter/Wizard and a psuedo dragon. (Did I mention we somehow got our hands on the Book of Vile Darkness? Oops)

I hope that helps for anyone that was thinking about possibly replying to this. ;)
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