Jason (rebooten_tag) wrote in dnd3e,

D20 Modern campaign set in the fallout world in michigan

I'm looking for a good idea for a character for this campaign i'm playing in.  We are playing D20 Modern set in the fallout universe in Michigan / the midwest.  There are humans and ghouls. 

In our group so far we have a:

* ghoul smart / dedicated who has high searches, repairs, has power armor and can basically build any weapon he wants like he's working on like a rail gun or like a plasma or laser machine gun.

* dedicated / field medic for healing

* a psychiatrist who is also a doctor (but this player is going to be changing her character soon

* a soldier / negotiator who primary uses guns

* another smart / soldier / gunslinger maybe that uses guns primary.

*my current character is a fast 1 / strong 6 / martial artist 10.   he is a chatholic monk who was expedited from his church and doesn't do drugs or alcohol or smoke and he's basically a goody goody who only kills if they attack first.

So i'm trying to think of a new character to play.  I'm thinking of playing some sort of smart / dedicated character but i want him to be good at something specifically.  and he needs some kind of interesting backstory.

The story is basically that we are a ragtag team of people and there is this group that is controlled by an ghoul, that are called allen's.  they have a metal box in their head that make's it so that the allens dont feel any pain and are way stronger than normal.  the guy that is controlling the group wants to take over the world.  basic fallout nuclear post apocalyptic Apocalypse  like in the game.  the brotherhood and all other factions exist.  the allen's are trying to find pre-war tech to help them take over the world.  we pretty much try to get there first and get the tech before they do.  like for example there was a satellite in orbit that had some nuclear missiles on it and a military radio deploy in ohio that could control the satellite and fire the missiles.  we got there before the allen's, had a firefight, and basically sent one of the missiles into the ocean and the other one at the radio deploy to blow it up while we escaped in an underground tunnel. 

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