dark_pookha (dark_pookha) wrote in dnd3e,


I'm contemplating making a character for the next campaign that I play in based on parkour (or free-running). I realize that both rogue and monk have excellent skills for this. We play a hybrid of 3.0 and 3.5.

Obviously, jump, climb, balance, and tumble are necessities. I was thinking of playing an urban thief, a type of 'second story man' that escapes across roof-tops, so that would add open lock and disable device to the list. I also think that hide and move silently would be good.

I've been looking at the thief-acrobat prestige class from 'Song and Silence' as well, but am undecided if it's exactly what I want. I know I'll need good int and dex for the skills and also decent str for jump and climb.

Any good suggestions for this. With the group I play with, it can go from mostly colour to high-powered gaming, so I'm open to both suggestions.
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