wyrind (wyrind) wrote in dnd3e,

Lizardfolk variants and draconic experiments

I'm running anexploration of House Orogoth (FR), and was thinking about having a few 'experiments' nearby to add some flavour. The viletooth and dark talon lizardfolk seem good for this from googling, but as I don't have the books (Dragon Magic and MM4 I think), can anyone give me a feel for their abilities?
House Orogoth were Netherese mages who sought to steal the power of dragons, and the ability to adopt dragon form - thye used to bend dragons to their will and command them to steal from the hoards of other wyrms. They now exist as transformed black dragons i nthe midst of the High Moor. Ophidians were said to be results of their experimentation. So any other ideas for the results of their experiments to suprise the players with? (Looking for EL ~15)

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