Adam (skybreak_seeker) wrote in dnd3e,

Adventures in party killing

So, time for a DnD update!

last Sunday I got my ranger to level 2, which means I got to take my combat style. Archery is pretty boss since it gives me free Rapid Shot ( 1 attack per full attack at your full bonus -2 per shot), which frees up choices in the long run. I've decided that Caiphas is a member of the Night Watch, a group of hunters based in his hometown determined to rid the world of lycanthropes and all other terrors of the night. With his share of the profits for the first game he bought some silver arrows since we've already encountered a were-rat and who knows how far the infection has spread? In fact, our paladin got a little too eager and get bitten, and is already showing signs of turning. Our group made a deal with the local dwarven king to cure her, but we haven't gotten that far yet. Given the oaths my character has made, He's honor-bound to either help cure a bite victim, or to see them dead if they turn.

I'm expecting dragons to start popping up soon since the GM has been dropping lots of hints that a war between Black and Gold dragonflights is imminent if it hasn't already started.

So far my personal swag is about 450-ish gold pieces, a +1 Lycan-bane longbow I've named Straight Silver, and ten silver arrows I'm really wanting to use on something.

Anyone know if there is a "Monster Hunter" prestige class, or something along those lines?

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