Howl (m_howl) wrote in dnd3e,

Cunning rats, can they be done?

Hey all, I've been lurking this community for quite some time and I finally decided to hop in. Obligatory introductory posts aside I do have something I'd like an opinion about.

I have a character in a group who's whole function is manipulation, not in the traditional social or arcane sense but in sheer preparation. This guy is meant to outwit the enemy, not overpower them. So far I've been relying heavily on creative uses of rope and fire. However I also have some plans for an oar, some torches, and a suit of leather armor. I rolled him as a rogue but I was shooting for the kind of off-the-wall-tricks even a peasant or some other NPC class could pull off had he been insane or cunning enough to try. My question is if anyone here has some sort of idea or story for this type of character concept.

On a completely off subject point: NPC classes, can they function as player characters granted they're played smart?

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