Jason (rebooten_tag) wrote in dnd3e,

more d20 two weapon fighting questions

lets say I am a martial artist with an attack of +14/+8, and Living Weapon 1D8+Str.

Living Weapon states that there is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a martial artist while attacking unarmed.

therefore there should be no penalties for attacking with both hands in one round.

so my question is; does this make my attack:

+14, +14, +8, +8? I get four attacks each round (2 with each hand) because my BAB is +14/+8, and because of it not being considered an off-hand attack. this would make sense to me since the martial artist only does 1d8 so they get 4 attacks to make up for the lower damage.

please get back to me asap and thanks in advance

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