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So I'm trying to get this Rotating DM game going and I ask my wife the other day what kind of class she wants to play. Druid. I even convince her that with this druid, can she try Wild Shaping, as the last time I let her trade in Wild Shape uses for additional spells per day things went a little...crazy (*Cue flashback of a mad fairy Finger of Deathing everything in sight*).

I ask her what kind of race she wants to play. A bee-person. With a stinger that would kill her if she uses it. And a bee animal companion. My wife, god bless her, has the strangest whims sometimes.

So, this is my efforts to throw together a bee-people race that I call Apials. I'm wondering if I've got them a little too weak or too strong or just right. So, your thoughts?

Small Humanoid
Ability Score Adjustments: None
Speed: 20 ft, fly 80 ft (good)
An apial has a +2 natural armor bonus to AC.
Free Will: An apial begins life as part of a hive, her actions controlled purely by reactive stimuli. During this time, she has vermin traits, including mindlessness. A queen may release any apial from the hive mind, granting her free will. The apial may later resume the hive mind state, but cannot regain free will unless it is again granted. While in a free will state, an apial has a +2 bonus to saving throws to resist mind-affecting abilities.
Empathy: While not telepathic, an apial can still send and receive empathic thoughts with creatures with whom she is familiar, as long as they are within 100 ft. This ability functions similar to a familiar's empathic link ability in that the apial can only send and receive generalized messages such as "Danger."
Secondary Limbs: An apial possesses a second set of arms. These arms are too fragile to be effective in a grapple, in climbing, or in wielding a weapon, but she can hold an item with these secondary limbs and for the purposes of feats and special attacks that require the user to be unarmed, such as Deflect Arrows or disarming an opponent, the apial is considered to be unarmed, even while wielding a weapon in her main pair of hands.
Sting: A natural weapon attack that deals 1d4 piercing damage and delivers a poison.
Poison: Save DC 11 + Con. Initial and secondary damage 1d4 Con.
Favored class: Ranger.

I'm thinking about making their flight work similarly to the Raptorans' flight progression (see Races of the Wild) in that they unlock flight abilities throughout their advancement, but since this character starts at 10th level, I'm not too worried about that right now.
Also, I'm not too sure if I should make the sting kill the apial outright, or if the apial just starts taking massive amounts of bleed damage that could be healed through.

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