Cabinet Sanchez (cabinetsanchez) wrote in dnd3e,
Cabinet Sanchez

Okay...what is that weapon?

So we have an upcoming "Rotating DM" game coming up (Rotating DM: Where the players each take turns acting as DM for the night, with their character either temporarily becoming an NPC or phasing out while the previous DM's character phases in), and I want to play the son of my 2nd edition rogue, and like his father, he hails from a nomadic desert tribe. Also like his father, I want him to use middle eastern weaponry.

I'm looking for the name of the scimitar-looking weapon that is much larger and meant for two hands (a larger, two-handed version of THIS). If I recall correctly, the palace guards from Disney's Aladdin use them. I'm going with "Falchion" for now, since that seems the most similar.

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