MOnsta Mash (uber_zombi3) wrote in dnd3e,
MOnsta Mash

So I need some ideas. i'll just tell you what has happened so far, and we'll go from there..

We started the whole campaign in a usual bar. Bartender with an eye patch, head of a beholder above the mantle fire place.
Just to pay tribute to Baldur's gate for their first mission they got rid of some dire rats in the cellar for the bartender. They also brought up a keg of ale he was out of. As they ascended back up stairs from vanquishing the rats (actually, the druid convinced the party not to kill a few of them on behalf of friendly forest creatures so they captured a few in barrels) they enter back into the bar in the middle of a local thug gang collecting "protection money" from the bartender. There were three of these thugs all at CR level 2. All the Pc's are lvl 1. The paladin detects evil on them and senses the "intention in their hearts" then begins to go to work. The paladin begins tripping them as they try to flank him while the druid makes a charisma check to intimidate these guys, which she succeded at.  Before you know it, the paladin is hurt badly but most of the thugs are on the floor becuase the druid has a wolf that is tripping people also.
After all is said and done the thugs are stripped of thier belongings and displayed in town square for all to see tied to a statue.

I'm havin a case of writers block and need some Ideas on where to go from here. I have some leads that I dropped into the story so far..
-The towns people are getting sick because the local water supply is poisoned. I already have some underground dungeon crawl mapped out for them that includes some troglodytes that are contaminating the water. Not sure why though?
-The main thug who was robbing the bartender had a tattoo of a sword across his neck.

i want them to do some thing exciting that we've never done before. Like sneak into a guild disguised as other people for some reason. Or jump through a portal. Or whatever.. what do you dm's do at level one for kicks?

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