gernboken (gernboken) wrote in dnd3e,

genre fiction ported to D&D

my gaming group has been playing in a really successful dnd campaign based in Freeport. i feel like the pirates/swashbuckling story works really well in dnd. we've had a really good time playing the game.

i was thinking about how that might work with a wild west type game. i know there's a deadlands d20 thing out there but i'm not interested in that. i'm more interested in a way to play dnd, to include all or most of the elements of dnd, so that it still feels like dnd, in the wild west, the same way the freeport setting does for pirates.

the thing is, there are so many things about wild west stories that just wouldn't work in a traditional dnd setting. why have a gunfight when you can cast lightning bolt? why use a longsword when you have a sixgun? how do creatures like dragons and griffons fit into a wild west setting?

somehow none of those things felt out of place in the freeport game we played but i'm not so sure about the wild west. i've been thinking it over and i have some ideas but i'd like to hear what you all think, and if you've ever seen it done effectively.

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