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Mangy Mathan

Warlock Help

My gaming group is going to be starting a secondary campaign soon. This time, I get to play (which is exceedingly rare). Since I usually DM, I'm good at optimizing characters for a single encounter, but not really for longevity or adventuring (I rarely need to consider how a monster's abilities help it solve puzzles and navigate various dungeons). So, I'm asking for some help. To make matters worse, I fell in love with the warlock class the moment I saw it, but never have gotten a chance to play it, and I understand that it's quite tricky due to its extremely limited options.

So I have decided that I want to play a desert kobold warlock. I found the small size + dexterity bonus to be quite attractive in a class that is deceptively dexterity-based (few invocations require saves and it's probably possible to play a fine warlock without ever forcing one). I saw the kobold abilities in the Races of the Dragon Web Enhancement, and I plan on asking my DM about them.

I don't have hard stats because we're in the planning phases, I just like to form concepts early on. I do have a concept for a dual-dagger rogue and a dwarven grappler if this warlock thing doesn't pan out, though. We have a party of 6 so me being a warlock is unlikely to rob the group of an arcanist or fighter.

Anyways, because my melee abilities will be craptastic at the best of times, I'm seriously considering Eldritch Spear as my first invocation so I can contribute to the battle without being anywhere near it. 60 feet is close enough for a double-move charge, and I can't afford to be that close, so 250 feet is quite attractive. Unfortunately, I only get one invocation at first level, and Baleful Utterance (Shatter at will, effectively) sounds quite nice, considering all single-handed weapons fall under the 10 lbs./level limit, and two-handed ones will at 2nd level. Not to mention padlocks and other such nuisances. I'm a bit torn between those two, though I think Eldritch Spear is more important to my survival. Also, I should probably consider the rogue's spotlight before I go blasting locks.

I will probably take Point-Blank Shot and, if my DM allows flaws, Precise Shot at first level so my attack bonus doesn't suck if an enemy happens to engage a member of my party (which tends to happen).

I was considering taking another flaw, but I can't think of another feat that I can get that would be worth the slot. Obtain Familiar requires a caster level of 3, and all of the Metamagic Spell-Like Ability feats require at least a caster level of 6, with Quicken requiring a caster level of 10. Weapon Focus (Eldritch Blast) looks tempting but I wonder if it would be worth it. New Invocation requires a level of 6. I may just get Ability Focus (Eldritch Blast).

So what do you think? Did I make an awful mistake somewhere? Any tips and tricks for playing a warlock and/or kobold?

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