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D&D 3E
i took the Herald GM test for the RPGA tonight.. i passes on my first… 
20th-Jan-2003 02:28 am
and the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIII
i took the Herald GM test for the RPGA tonight.. i passes on my first try. im sure most of you have done that too.. im happy about it.. now im like. an "Offical GM" because in two weeks i will be getting a card in the mail that says.. "I AM AN OFFFICAL GM WITH THE RPGA" im going to use that to my advantage. try to get back stage at a concert.. flash my card around.. "DONT MIND ME BOYS, I'M AN OFFICAL GM"
20th-Jan-2003 05:06 am (UTC)
I haven't gotten anything special from passing the Herald test (I don't think my points for running the Open at Gen Con 2002 have even been added up yet)...

But if I did, I would totally have it made into one of those cheesy flip-open wallet thingies. Whenever geeky conversations would start I would be all like- "Seckler, Licensed D&D DM." (flashes GM-card and then stands around looking officious.) "I'll handle this. What seems to be the problem?"

20th-Jan-2003 08:08 am (UTC)
well the real reason i took the test was because my friends and i are starting up a guild. they are more gung-ho about it then i am. my gaming group is filled with egotistical guys who think they know everything there is to know about DnD. ironically enough out of all my gaming group only two of us have passed the Herald. Myself and my friend James who I got into gaming. dumb egotistical old men.. when i get my card im SOOOOOOOOO rubbing it in their faces. i really hope i get a card.. they told me i was going to get one. meh.. oh well.. ill make one myself and go to the premiers of nerd movies that i love like Star Wars 3, and Return of the King. they better treat me like a VIP at those films.. i have a Gm Card! mwwhahaha
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