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D&D 3E
The D&D Nutcracker! 
9th-Jan-2009 03:56 pm
Disney-LionKing Embarrasing
Hey guys! I need your help and while it's not EXACTLY D&D related, I know that if anyone can help me, it'll most likely to be you guys. I follow a number of different D&D blogs, such as At Will, Dragon Avenue, Gnome Stew, etc. And last month, I came across a blog post from a gamer-oriented blog that talked about the gamer's experience with his once-a-year trip with the family to see The Nutcracker. He even described the ballet in terms that a gamer who knows nothing about the Nutcracker could understand. The problem is... now my gaming group wants me to find the article, and I can't! I am pretty sure it was more of a personal post, not one of those "how to make my game better" blogs. It's possible that I found the post from a link through a link through a website that I found... etc. You know how that goes. Can anyone help me? Does anyone remember seeing a blog post like that?
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