Mangy Mathan (mangy_mathan) wrote in dnd3e,
Mangy Mathan

Wetware/Mutations + Cybernetics Questions

D20 Future Tech has a robot feat called Wetware, which gives bioreplicas some of the benefits of being organic. One of these benefits is the ability to accept cybernetics.

The thing is, though, how many? A character's number of cybernetic slots is based on their constitution score... so how would that function for a character who lacks a constitution score? If you go with having it function as a modifier 0, that seems rather shallow. Buy a feat to get natural healing (which is far inferior to being repaired, anyway, so it rarely comes up) and a single cybernetic slot?

How would you handle a wetware robot wanting cybernetics?

Also, another person in my group is playing a mutant. He's apparently figured out that Extra Arms has an MP cost of 6, and taking two Lost Arm drawbacks at 3 each can make that a 0. However, he can now replace the lost limbs with cybernetics, as the Lost Arm drawback states. So he's effectively gained the benefits of the Extra Arms mutation and the ability to fight with 4 weapons at the expense of, like, 4 wealth points. That sounds kinda cheesy to me. Anyone else agree, or no?

Also, is there anything negative associated with the subcutaneous body armor that I should be aware of? Because how it reads seems to indicate that it's a +8 defense bonus that requires no feat, with no speed penalty, no armor check penalty, and no max dex bonus and has a relatively low purchase DC of 25. EVERYONE in the group bought it, and this has kinda forced me to start using autofire and grenades a lot (which reeks of cheap DM tactics). Most of the characters would require a natural 20 to hit themselves.

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