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D&D 3E
Building a Kender Nightstalker 
28th-Oct-2008 07:39 am
Disney-LionKing Wimper
Edit: One of my players sent me a copy of the re-written Nightstalker class from Races of Ansalon, so this whole topic is moot. Sorry for the trouble!

Our group just picked up 3 new players and when I offered them the option of playing a Kender Nightstalker (because they are really good players and I know they can pull it off well), two of them expressed an interest. The problem is that when I went back to look at the class, I had forgotten that it's a prestige class, and not a great one at that. I found a forum on the internet were Cam (the author of the campaign I'm running) expressed an interest in remaking the Nightstalker based on Nightshade, one of Margaret Weiss' newest characters. But he never got the chance to before WotC reclaimed Dragonlance. So, I'd like to adapt a class to fit this role. Here's what I'm looking for it to have:
  • Mystic-based. Mystics in dragonlance are divine spellcasters who don't depend on a god for their spells. They are, in essence, a cleric without turning abilities who cast their spells spontaneously (similar to a sorcerer). They have access to 1 domain, but do not have the ability to substitute spells for cure spells.
  • Necromancy focus, but good aligned. A nightstalker basically has abilities such as "detect undead", "speak with dead" and "deathwatch" (or "lifewatch", the dragonlance good-aligned variation of deathwatch). The stereotypical concept is a kender whose curiosity allows it to chat with ghosts
  • The original nightstalker prestige class does give turn undead abilities, but I'm considering letting that drop, mostly because I'm not sure how to include it without overpowering the class
  • The class does NOT have to have as much spellcasting power as a mystic, but I'd like it to have more power than the prestige class (which includes like 2 spells a day).
  • The class also does not HAVE to cast spells spontaneously. It's nice, but not critical to the concept. The mystic is important because these nightstalkers don't worship deities per se.
  • This could be a prestige class, but I'm leaning more towards a basic class
  • I'd like there to be enough flexibility that if two of my players both decide they want to play the nightstalker, we can work it so that they are both just unique enough to justify having two. The mystic's spell-list would allow for this, I would think, since each character could know and/or memorize different spells.
I don't have the books with me at work, so I can't give more detailed information, but I'm curious if you guys have any suggestions how you would handle this? At the simplest end, I could take the Mystic class and give them a dead or undead type domain, but is there something else I could do? Ideas? Suggestions? Flames?
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