Mangy Mathan (mangy_mathan) wrote in dnd3e,
Mangy Mathan

Futuristic Wrestling and Psychic Hardware

So, a friend of mine seems very interested in making a grappler character, and has asked several times how I would handle various moves like chokes. Unfortunately, we play d20 future, and there is so little information on grappling I don't even know where to start. I looked up the Reaping Mauler from Complete Warrior, and I noticed that the Sleeper Lock and Devastating Grapple abilities are pretty much what he's looking for, but how could he do them? Should I make them into feats that he could take, or should I actually just translate the prestige class into d20 future? What would you do?

Also, another character is a bioreplica. Though she's taking levels of fast hero, it has occasionally come up in conversation of how her electronic brain reacts to psionics, due to the fact that we have a fraal in the group. I have found nothing in the rules that say psionics affect robots differently, and there's nothing to even prevent a robot from being psychic itself. Of course, it's an interesting topic to think about. My question is, would you handle robot minds differently, or would a robotic brain be just as capable and receptive to psychic powers as an organic one?

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