Coderay (coderay) wrote in dnd3e,

grappling monks

I've got a couple questions about how to interpret the rules for a Grappling Monk. I'm looking for ruling in 3.5, preferably with page numbers to back up the claims.

First, the rules for grapple state you can make one grapple attempt per melee attack you can make. My first question is, does this include the extra attacks you would get from Flurry of Blows? It seems to me that you could use them together so that a level 1 Monk could make 2 grapple checks in as a Full Round action, with a -2 penalty to each required melee touch attempt.

Second, if I'm already grappling, can I use Flurry of Blows to make multiple grapple checks for things like Pinning or Punching in the grapple? If so, how is the Flurry penalty (-2) applied? Making an unarmed melee attack while grappling requires an opposed grapple check, not an attack roll, so I'm not sure there would be a penalty... although it would make sense for the -2 to be applied to the Grapple roll, I see no rules text to back that up.

Third, are there any rules for disarming someone while grappling? I could swear I've read something about this somewhere, but I can't find anything. The only related references in the Players Guide are about snatching "well-secured items" while grappling (with some text that makes this seem like its not referring to weapons) and attacking a player with his own light weapon while grappling (fun, but not what I'm looking for).

If it matters (and it probably won't), the Monk in question has Imp. Grapple and is level 3 (Flurry penalty -2).

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