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D&D 3E
8th-Oct-2008 12:57 pm
Anyone in this community looking for a game in the Boston area (specifically Malden right now, although we moving to Newton in December.)

We are looking for a fun person with perverse humor to join our already running game of 3.5.

Both guys and girls welcome from any and all walks of life; all I ask is that you have a passion for roleplaying and a decent grasp of DnD 3.5 rules.

My games are roleplay heavy, and experience is awarded not only based off of fights, but also on completion of keys tasks and how "on" you were with your roleplaying. Minor awards such as Hero Points or additional Action Points are also awarded for players who exhibit either extreme heroism or roleplaying finesse in a session.

I like to run interesting and fun games, and I'm always open to suggestions from my players!

Currently everyone is level 5, and we have a rogue/fighter, a werewolf/monk, and a wizard. They want a cleric, but no pressure!

We use action points and hero points.

We play once a week, every even Friday starting at 7:30, and every odd Saturday starting at 6:00. However, on Saturdays we like to get together early (usually around 2) to play Munchkin, Citadels, Risk, or any other games we have lying around. We are ideally looking for someone that can come over and play games early most Saturdays. When you game with us, you don't just get to be a player, you get a whole new group of friends!
8th-Oct-2008 05:55 pm (UTC)
I'm not in boston, but i am curious to know how your werewolf is working out at level 5. Does it seem to balance well? What ECL did you use?

Lycanthropy is big in my new campaign that I'm rebuilding, and has an almost spiritual significance in the Elven community and I want to know how it is going.
8th-Oct-2008 05:58 pm (UTC)
well, she contracted it at level 4, and it's a +2 la.

It works very well, as long as you impose all the restraints of LA and lycanthrope.

The second she changed willingly into werewolf form she went straight to CE alignment, which is fine cause it's an evil game, but nonetheless she lost her ability to take further monk levels. She makes checks to make sure she doesn't change during a battle (ever 1/4th hit points.) She is hoping to the gods that she doesn't get into a fight and change in the middle of the city, or in front of witnesses who know her. She also sucked it up and put all of her skill points into Control Shape, and won't stop until she has a 25 in it.

Definitively well balanced.
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