Sfhhhgefhgf (the_silent_army) wrote in dnd3e,

Play By Livejournal Community Post Game, set in Eberron

- The less you know about the camp set the better.
- Highly story involved, basic skill with narrative desired
- Ability to keep up with the game is necessary. If you'll flake out, don't ruin the whole game.
- Well thought out encounters, siutations, and ordeals

We need people who are down for this, who are serious about it. I'm currently DMing a solo game that will go on much like the game I propose, if not continue it. This is that game, for a generaly idea: http://community.livejournal.com/camplikeeberron/

If you're interested, send me inbox messages, get me on AIM (chacterizedbye), or post a comment on my LJ.

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