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Spell Recharge

Okay, I need some help. I'm using the recharge variant for my spells in 3.5, the details of which can be found here.

I'm almost done assigning recharge times to the spells we've found in other sources, but I'm a bit torn over Lesser Vigor from Complete Divine. Basically, it grants fast healing 1 to the subject for 10 rounds +1 round/level (max 15). A second application adds the full duration onto the ongoing spell.

I'm not sure if I should give it the general recharge time (1d6+1 rounds) because I'm a bit worried of it being stacked to hell. Perhaps a recharge of a few minutes, so that it can be used often and for tactical reasons, but can't really be stacked unless the caster extends it or has assistants, like most other pre-battle buffs.

Some input would be much appreciated.

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