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D&D 3E
Just a little (okay, not-so-little) anecdote... 
23rd-Jul-2008 12:11 pm
Disney-Mermaid MythandMagic
My group doesn't get to RP very often, so when Andy decided to hire a rogue NPC, it opened the door to a fun little scene. Enjoy!

Luksitayk - (pronounced "look-see-take") lvl 4 halfling rogue npc (being run by one of the other players for the night)
Dranna - lvl 4 Kalashtar psion (me) - only female in the group, and holder of the bag-o-loot (handy haversack that our treasure is kept in)

We met Luksitayk outside a tower of Sharn and gave her the traditional, "You steel from us, we kill you," lecture. She proceeded to note that my bag looked really cool! I glared at her and told Andy to roll a will save.

Andy: (Why?)

Me: (Cuz I said so.)

The bastard rolled a 15 on the dice. When the GM asked what I had cast, I told him it was the aversion power. I wanted her to stay away from my backpack.

The next day as we left town, Luksitayk was stuck with riding a horse because a riding dog wouldn't be fast enough. So, she decided to ride with me, as the lightest party member and the only other female.

Me: "Keep your hands off the backpack."

Andy: "But... I only want to look!"

Me: (Andy, roll another will save.)

He rolled ANOTHER 15 on the die. Grr....

A little later...

Andy: "You don't have anything in her at all, just a lot of junk! Some rope, a blanket-"

Me: "I said keep out of the pack!"

Andy: (Can I see your character sheet?)

I grudgingly hand it over. He glances at it, gives it back. Moments later...

Andy: "Hey, what's this?" (holding up a vial)

I know it's either a potion of cure light or cure moderate, so I reply...

Me:  "Why don't you try it and I'll make sure you have need of it!" (Besides, I'm anal, so they're going to be nicely labeled)

Andy: (Oh...) "Oh, I see! Well, then, what's-"

Me: "That's it, little brat, you're sitting in front from now on."

*a pause*

Andy: "It's so boring up here!

I don't reply and I think the problem has been solved until Andy says...

Andy: (I want to roll a sleight of hand to get the ring off of Dranna's finger.)

Andy fails his sleight of hand, I fail my spot check to notice..

Andy: *whistles innocently* (Oh, hey, I forgot. Can I tell that Dranna's not human?)

He makes his spot check versus my disguise, but fails a knowledge check to identify  my race, which really upsets Luksitayk.

Andy: (Luksitayk is trying to find someone else to ride with!)

Me: (I'm going to use my power like ability to speak to Luksitayk telepathically, unless she locks me out.)

Andy: (Luksitayk doesn't realize someone else is there, she thinks she's talking to herself.) "Yeah, this girl, she's so weird, I don't even know what-" *gasp* "HEY!"

Me: *laugh*

Andy: "You stay out of there! That's not very nice! You make me think I'm crazy!"

Me: ... *evil grin*

Andy: "That's it, I wanna ride with someone else!
23rd-Jul-2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
Here's a neat party trick:

Use Aversion to make the host/hostess get undressed. Maybe it shouldn't work, but the fun factor usually overrides strict rules interpretations. :P
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