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D&D 3E
time control 
19th-Jul-2008 04:37 pm
Hiro from Heroes
I have a D&D 3.5 ed character that i am looking for some advice on.  he was originally a druid but while he still has all of his druidic abilities, he has gained the ability to control time.  his powers include slowing and speeding down time for about one round worth of time.

Basically, what i am looking for is some advice on multiple different effective ways to use these powers in different situations.

I dont really use it much because well in combat, i would have to be on defensive rather then offensive to use it.  so give me some advice plz.

and for added LULZ, i call my character a time lord ala Doctor Who.  all i need is a tardis.
19th-Jul-2008 08:54 pm (UTC)
Well since this power would clearly be the result of some sort of house rules, I cannot comment on what sort of mechanics you would be using.

However, for creative uses of the ability I would suggest watching Heroes to see how Hiro uses his ability. (Ironic considering your icon)

As for not using it combat, I would think an ability like this would be a game breaker in combat. Consider the scene in Spiderman where they show combat from the perspective of Peter Parker and everything is painfully in slowmotion and he is not. He effortlessly dodges and even stops to ponder the fist flying by him.

Just sayin.
20th-Jul-2008 01:55 am (UTC)
Leaning with Bandersnitch here. We need a little bit more detail on what boundaries you were given with this power (unless that is what you came here for, examples of boundaries you can use).

For example, who notices time being slowed down/sped up? Is slowing down time pretty much the equivalent of casting Haste on yourself? Are your allies also affected the same way you are (if they are in the area) by this power when you use it?

Details man! Details! XD
20th-Jul-2008 03:03 am (UTC)
Okay. sorry about the lack of details.

basically, i can slow down or speed up time for about one round, and it only effects maybe me and one other person or 2 five foot squares.
20th-Jul-2008 01:34 pm (UTC) - Concrete questions to think about
1. Is this ability more similar to Haste or to Time Stop?

2. If it affects other entities than yourself, does it have a saving throw?

3. What level are you? If it's a Haste-like ability, you should be at least 7th-ish level (going on the idea that an off caster can have an equivalent spell 1 level later than the primary caster for that type of spell); if it's a Time Stop-like ability, it should honestly probably be either epic or at the 10th level of a prestige class that requires 13 ranks of some skill to get into.

4. Who designed this ability, you or your DM? If your DM did, it would be helpful to get them into this conversation for some more input.

5. Are you looking for suggestions on how to design this ability or suggestions on how to use this ability? Frankly it doesn't sound very well-designed to me--and by "well-designed" I mean "with a specific, mechanical game effect." I'm all for creative uses of abilities (I once cast "Create Water" in an ogre's pants...same effect as a Daze spell), but if you're going to ignore rules and mechanics then you may as well be throwing birdseed at each other and improvising your responses.

So basically, I would say that you need to come up with some hard and fast mechanics for this ability. Base it on either Haste or Time Stop (or a similar spell from a splatbook that I don't know about), and make sure it's level-appropriate, and define in what ways it can be used.

Good luck!
20th-Jul-2008 04:38 pm (UTC) - Re: Concrete questions to think about
I'd like to think of it as like in the matrix when they slow down to dodge bullets and etc. it's probably more of a haste thing. so far i've been using it to slow down time so that me or someone else could get out of the way of being hit, or once we used it when we made a hole in a force field to keep it from sealing up right away. there is no saving throw. I'm a 8th level druid. my DM came up with the idea.

i'm looking for examples of times when something like this (haste) could be used to benefit the party.
21st-Jul-2008 05:54 am (UTC)
Can you send a robot back in time to beat your DM with a clue-by-four?
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