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D&D 3E
new person 
11th-Jun-2008 02:53 pm
Veedub in da house
Hi there!!
I've been into d&d for a while but it wasn't until a few years back that I got the chance to play.
The group I used to play with were some of my closest friends from high school and my ex-boyfriend. After me and the ex had a major break up, my friends stopped talking to me.
A year later and I'm with a new guy and I have new friends. I really want to start playing again but my boyfriend and my new buds don't know how to play.
Whats the best way to teach someone how to play D&D? I've been tempted to pick up the D&D for Dummies book at Barnes&Noble a few times just to see how is it.
11th-Jun-2008 10:55 pm (UTC)
D&D For Dummies is actually quite helpful. A starter pack from WoTC is also a good idea. You can buy those at your gaming store or book store, and they come with the basic rules and dice. It's the Basic Rules Set or something like that. I think it may even have mini's.

Worse comes to worst, if you can't get your friends interested then try D&D MeetUp. It's online somewhere, and the MeetUp people hold gatherings for all sorts of things. You can go meet other people interested in playing, and maybe find someone to teach your friends or DM for you all.

Good luck! I've been playing for more than 30 years and I have to say it's a wonderful thing to do.
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